American Idol…Why is Sanjaya still here?!

Enough is fucking enough.  The piece of shit Sanjaya Malakar has something up.  I don’t just mean the fact that every terrorist in the nation is voting for him, either.  He’s had this leering smirk on his face leading on that he knows he isn’t going anywhere…and his father has the same nasty look in his eyes.

Tonight, especially, Sanjaya’s father acted as though his plan worked and continues to work.  What is it?  How about Sanjaya’s father has several phone lines under his power and is using them to abuse the voting system  (I don’t know, I’m asking)?  Also, how about the fact that Howard Stern has started a campaign to force votes for Sanjaya to win.  A Howard Stern regular, Jeff the Drunk, has admitted to abusing the voting system himself and casting 300 votes at a time for the horrible singer.

Simon Cowel himself, though contractually obligated, has been quoted as saying he refuses to do the show again as a judge if Sanjaya wins.  Many MySpace users are saying they are on hunger strikes until the piece of shit is voted off.  Still other web polls have him as the top place “Vote for the Worst”, way ahead of Antonella Barba.

Look, the moron has Michael Jackson as an idol, and that should tell us more than we need to know about the kid.  Hey, at least Michael Jackson could entertain, right?  The kid can’t sing, the kid can’t dance, the kid has no stage presence…  Him being in the competition against Melinda and LaKisha is like putting your grandmother up against Mike Tyson in his ear biting phase.

Thank god we have a mute button.  He started to sing when he stopped crying?  Well, guess what, you make us all cry when you sing.  I don’t mean like ten year old girls do in the audience for you, oh no.  I mean our ears bleed and we scream for mercy.  Go disappear yourself you piece of after birth.

Until that moron is thrown off the show, myself and my family are no longer watching and no longer voting.  I called the fact that Gina was going to be thrown off tonight at noon today…how I wish I was wrong.

Posted 4/4/2007 at 10:44 PM on Xanga