Valentine’s Day is not really a holiday!

Let's Get Drunk and Screw
Ah yes, February 14th, better known as Valentine’s Day. At least, it’s better known to all those annoying women out there who are looking forward to getting more shit they don’t deserve, but not so much for us guys. There are a multitude of reasons why men simply hate this Hallmark holiday. The only reason men go through the motions of this moronic day is to get pussy around their dick. Yes, we only do it for sex.

First of all, when it comes to Valentine’s Day, men don’t like crap. Teddy bears, chocolate, romantic movies, flowers, expensive dinners, talking: You know, crap! None of these things were invented with a man in mind. Sure, every so often some queer will go along with you women to a romantic movie because they want to, but don’t get that confused with men going to see romantic movies.

While I’m talking about crap that are given as gifts on V-Day, this is another area men get screwed on, and not in the good way. We see it up to a week before Valentine’s: Some poor pussy whipped bitch of a man is running ragged trying to find that perfect gift for his unappreciative woman. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a very small few of you chicks out there that actually don’t freak when a man doesn’t give you any thing except for a small box of candy hearts. I’m not talking to you.

Valentine’s Day is NOT supposed to be a quest for the perfect present. Yet, we always see the aforementioned guy having a hernia in fear that his gift isn’t going to get him poontang, so he buys three times the amount of gifts he should have. Sometimes, the ungrateful bitch STILL won’t put out!!!! The only thing you should expect is a smile and a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” when we see you. Just because you have a vagina doesn’t mean you are entitled to anything because of that fact.

As I’ve been saying, it’s a Hallmark holiday. That means it’s basically made up so certain people can make more money. Now, I’m all for businesses making money, but I’m not all for creating a holiday to do it. I’m not going to insist on a “Advertising Production Artists Day” in order to force people to give me more money. Like Hallmark hasn’t cornered the market enough as it is! There are cards ranging from “Get Well Soon” to “Commit Suicide, You Lazy Fuck”.

Hmm…I’m on the subject of Hallmark, who makes cards, and Valentine’s Day at the same time. Good time to bring up a damn good point when it comes to cards. Don’t expect us to write anything else in the fucking card nor get pissed when we don’t! There is already writing on the inside of the card, so there is no point in writing anything else. I’m not paying $5.95 for Hallmark to write what I was thinking or want you to believe what I was thinking, just so that I have to actually write something more in the damn card! If I wanted you to know what the hell I was thinking, I would tell you. Men don’t talk about their feelings, so Hallmark does it for us!

Come on, do women REALLY need a special day just for them? Of course not. This further places the idea in their head that they deserve something just for being women! The only thing they really deserve is to be at the end of your penis, and they should be damn happy to be there since you were even willing to talk to her.

Now, there are certain instances when Valentine’s Day an be good. Actually, only one, really…and that’s if the chick’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day. I know what you’re thinking guys, “But doesn’t that complicate matters even more?!” HELL NO! This is great! With minimal effort, both issues are dealt with at once. Not only are you giving her birthday presents, you’re also giving her V-Day presents. This makes you seem sweet when you’re still being a huge asshole to keep her self esteem down!

V-Day is the time to get your balls relieved, guys, because there are so many desperate and lonely women out there. Look, no one is saying that you have to hold their hand in the mall nor marry them, so it really doesn’t matter if she’s a 5 or a 6. This is a one time bang, or you can keep her around for later booty calls. Remember, you’re not looking for a relationship, now are you? Oh, fuck no. Besides, Valentine’s Day is the worst time to look for one anyway, since the women are desperate and usually turn very pyscho because of it.

There are only three things you need to remember. These are the three “F’s” of dating: Find them, Feed them, Fuck them. That’s it. Oh, and make sure you either do it at a willing buddy’s house or her place. You don’t want to let her know where you live. Also, keep it under $40 for the night. No reason to spend all that money on some cheap whore you picked up to just screw and/or keep around for booty calls. If she thinks you’re willing to spend money, she’ll hang around expecting you to spend it all on her. Don’t let her.

Well, there it is, out in the open, the truth about Valentine’s Day and why men hate it. If a guy gets you anything, ladies, you best at least suck his dick. Lord knows he did it just because he felt the responsibility to, and this means you now have a responsibility of your own!

Oiriginally posted 05/04/2006 by me on OpenDiary-“Ramblings of the Sunrie”

Don’t reply to my comments on other blogs (s)

Because I’m not going to respond. Morons.

When I leave a comment on another blog, I am not interested in what you have to say in response if you’re not the author. Hell, a lot of the time, I don’t even care what the author has to say in response. If I’m leaving you a comment in response to something you said, I don’t give a shit what you think about it.

Ironic? Only if you’re an idiot.

If you care what I say in response to you, then you lose and I win. Most of the time when I’m leaving you a message, it’s to point out what a dumb shit you are. If I’m agreeing with you, take it with a grain of salt and not as a trophy.

Honestly, why would I respond to you? All I do when I see the little icon lit up in the corner of my screen is click on it to clear it. I don’t read it. The one of the only times I read a response was when it was someone simply saying, “I’m blocking you!” Well, good for you. You approved my comment only to say you’re going to block me. Problem is, now everyone can see that post from both me and you. You come across as the dumb ass looking for attention.

Just because I don’t respond doesn’t mean you’ve won. I have at least ten cases in the past where I’ve seen the icon stating I have a comment, only to find out it’s someone constantly posting a “reply” asking why I’m not responding, and trying to claim victory. Just because I’m not arguing with an idiot doesn’t mean the idiot is winning. You aren’t winning, I am. Every time you post I get another point.

Thinking about responding to a comment I made on another blog on one of my entries? Well, I’m just going to delete it. Why? Because it’s out of place for the entry and I consider that spam. Continue to do so, and I’m going to block you on the principle of you posting spam in my blog and I’ll report you. You’re free to comment on the current content or even to other people in my entries, but that’s it. Otherwise, I could not care less what you have to say down there in the comments, especially if it’s entertaining.

What is wrong with you gay groups?!

Seriously! What the hell is wrong with you gay groups?! Are you all so fucking sensitive and brain dead everything is a god damn fucking offense to you? Do you not know how to separate someone’s personal beliefs from a show, a business, or anything else?


Just recently the special interest group known as GLAAD threw a huge shit-storm of butt hurt (see what I did there?) over a magazine interview of Phil Robertson, founder of Duck Commander and a star on the TV Show Duck Dynasty, in which he was asked his personal beliefs as to what he thought was a sin. His response was to start with homosexuality and then branch off from there.

So? He didn’t say the show stood for it. He didn’t say the business stood for it. He was asked his fucking, god damn personal beliefs! Yet these pieces of shit went out with pitchforks and torches after A&E to get him removed from the show. What…the…fuck…

Don’t like someone’s political or religious beliefs? EAT SHIT AND DEAL WITH IT. STOP strong arming your special interest and fascism on everyone else, you fucks!

You homosexuals/queers/faggots/flap-lickers/dikes don’t even know what you’re complaining and crying over anymore. You don’t know what the difference between tolerance and acceptance is, and you don’t have a fucking clue as to what equal rights actually is. No, it’s all about special treatments and semantics with you idiots. Maybe if you pulled your heads out of each other’s poop-chute/baby-canals for ten minutes you’d realize you aren’t being oppressed, you’re just a bunch of assholes.

Here’s a novel idea for a change: Claim you don’t agree with what was said, leave the show the fuck alone, and offer to provide information you feel is right to the person to help “educate” (sieg heil!) them on the issue. No, you won’t do that, though. You also won’t go after anyone else spewing hate speech because you agree with it. You pieces of shit claim to be going against hate and defamation, but you don’t go after people who burn churches, bomb abortion clinics, send death threats to Christian organizations, call for the death of certain celebrities, and many other hate filled occurrences.

You go after a chain of restaurants because someone who works there gave his personal beliefs, you go after actors who don’t believe in your homosexual lifestyle being natural (unless it’s someone like Alec Baldwin because you otherwise agree with his political views) when it’s not, and you go after a network to take off one of the off-and-on people for a show you have absolutely no right to after making a statement in an interview when asked his personal beliefs on what sin is. You people are terrible human beings. Not because of your lifestyle choices, but because of how you act.

Oh…what’s that you say? It’s not a choice? You’re born that way? Okay, then you have a birth defect. If GLAAD and other gay special interest groups admit to it being a birth defect, everyone would stop making fun of you so much. We’d understand the reason a lot of your male members are marching around in a parade for “pride” while wearing tiny shorts, makeup, and a dildo strapped to the outside of their ass while screaming, “oooooooOOOooooo!!!” is just because they have a birth defect and they can’t help it. After all, the general public doesn’t openly make fun of the poor kid with down-syndrome struggling to say he needs help with something. Yes, you’re the same as the kid with the water wings and a helmet running around the mall drooling on himself.

It’s a birth defect if you’re born with incorrect coding.

Yes, please leave messages. Please spread this around your little gay groups and blow this page up. It’s funny and you’ll be proving me right on how hate filled you are. You pieces of shit will focus on one or two words in this entire entry and use that to try to come at me. Good luck with that. My stats will go up, my Internet presence will go up, and more people will read my entries.

Be gay, I don’t give a damn, but stop being such a piece of shit.

Disabling comments in your blog means you’re a coward! (s)

You're a coward!
Anywhere between 80% to 89% of all blogs are just…just…terrible… People attempt to write for a perceived audience, even going as far as to refer to their readers under stupid names in relation to the blog itself such as “Lovelies / Potato Heads / Audibles / Demwits” just to name a few. Most of the writers also try to write as eloquently as possible, almost like they are trying to get discovered as a “gem of the Internet” by someone with influence in order to get a writing contract. Some writers use the Internet to have a journal where other people can read about their trivial no-one-will-miss-me-when-I’m-gone lives, which are usually, “interestingly” enough, liberal minded people.

Typical liberal dipshitThe latter is usually what I’m referring to in this bitching I’m going on. Why? Because when you go into most liberal blogs and/or whiny bitch blogs, hell, most political blogs, the comments are disabled. Honestly, the only reason I can come up with in the matter is because they’re cowards.

I don’t care what side of the political fence you’re on or for what reason you’re writing; If you have comments disabled in your blog then you’re a coward. Don’t try going on the false reasoning you write for yourself and not for anyone else. If that’s true, then why are your entries public? No, you want people, anyone besides yourself, to care. You know most people don’t, so by blocking them, you don’t have to face the fact you aren’t getting comments on your bullshit. By disabling comments you can pretend someone out there may care. After all, if no one is going to comment and you just disable it, then you can pretend it doesn’t matter when it really does.

As many of you know, I have claimed I don’t write for other people. Well, that’s true. I write in hopes that someone will be pleased with what I write, but guess what? Someone always is: Me. Hell, I “like” all of my entries…and why wouldn’t I? In addition to everything else, I don’t disable my comments and I don’t moderate my comments, save for spam. If you’re spamming, then of course I’ll delete comments. I don’t care if you don’t like what I say or even feel the need to hate me because you’re an idiot. Any and all comments given to me since I moved over to WordPress have been approved. Why? Because hate is usually more fun than praise. I know I’m good, so it’s entertaining to me when someone tries to claim otherwise. Let me not forge to mention it’s fun watching morons argue with morons over postings made in the comments section.

I'm the one in the middleSee, I’m not a coward. Nothing I put on here is something I haven’t or won’t say to people face to face. I’ve posted images of myself (the one on the right is of me and I’m in the middle) and people know I live in Colorado. I’m not stupid enough to post specifics due to identity theft. If you’re thinking the picture is “too small lolololooolololool!!!!111!”, then check around my writings and you’ll find bigger pictures, like in a joke entry about me having an identical twin. Also, yes, those are training guns, not active firearms. I only say this because I know too many people reading this will try and make a stupid comment about it.

If you’re writing for you, then make the entries private and stop this crap with disabling comments. Also, stop moderating the comments for things besides spam or off-topic posts. No one with a brain is being fooled if you have nothing but people agreeing with you. There’s always going to be at least one troll and/or at least one person who doesn’t agree with you. We all know just about no one cares about your life or writings. So knock it off. Make your entry private or enable your comments, coward!

Mancation…STOP THIS!

For the love of god, stop this “mancation” bullshit. Just because you’re male and going on a vacation, it does not mean you’re on a fucking mancation. You know…just stop combining words, you morons. You aren’t creative, you aren’t smart, and you aren’t being original. Unless it’s something like the unholy offspring of a coyote and an owl, there is no reason to make two words a smoosh into one.

From here on out, every time I hear someone use the term “mancation” I am going to take a huge dump on a newborn puppy and light a baby on fire. Yes, both, not just one, but both. If the person is close enough to me, I am first going to gut them and dump their body in an allyway. It’s going to be so frightening, the new guys will be puking their brains out while the detectives will hug every single child they meet from that day on, just to remind themselves things aren’t as bad as they think it is.

“What do you think happened here, man?”

“Well, his stomach has been ripped out and his tongue was pulled down from his throat, out the hole, and then shoved up his ass. The penis has been cut off, a stick making it erect, and shoved up his throat to make it look like a tongue. The eyeballs have been removed and glued to his head…”

“Best guess?”

“Yep, this dumbass used the term ‘mancation’. He got what he deserved. Justifiable homicide. No arrests are going to be needed. Let’s go get a pizza.”

That is how common it’ll become if you idiots keep using these moronic terms. Cops are going to take one look at the brutality and just not be affected by it anymore should this term become a household term. I will never be prosecuted even this day in age. I’ll just tell me, “Mancation was used!” and they’ll give me a fucking parade.

A mancation isn’t a bunch of guys going out on vacation. A mancation isn’t taking a trip to see family. A mancation isn’t going on a small trip with you buddies. A real mancation is doing something manly. Here’s a small example of what would should and shouldn’t be referenced as a fucking “mancation”.

Climb Mt. Everest with just a few guidesMANLY!
That would be a mancation. Climbing a 24K’ peak with no friends and just a few guides to make sure your dead body comes down the mountain is manly and can be considered a mancation. Hiking around a state park like Mt. Shasta is not a the same thing.

Deep sea dive into a newly discovered shipwreckMANLY!
Yes! This is MANLY! Extra bonus points for diving into a wreck thought lost hundreds of years ago and you helped to recently discovery it. This would be a mancation. However, if you’re doing it for a job, then it’s not a mancation.

Touring rose gardensBITCH STATUS!
This is NOT a mancation! I don’t give a damn if the gardens have taken months to grow into elaborate designs. There is nothing manly about flowers, unless you’re burning down a botanical garden.

Bull fight trainingMANLY!
Sure, if it’s not your job and you’re spending a few weeks learning how to become a bull fighter for no reason other than interest. Again, if it’s your job, it’s not a mancation. If it’s just one of your stops, it’s not a mancation…unless the vacation stops detail other things such as the next thing…

Sex tourMANLY!
Yep, this is manly and is therefore considered a mancation. If you’re a woman doing this, then it’s a slutcation, which isn’t quite the same thing.

Vegas trip with “the boys”NOT MANLY!*
Just going to Las Vegas with your friends to drink, do drugs, and gamble is not manly. Everyone does it.

*Now, if you’re going to Las Vegas with the plan of killing a hooker or two or three, knocking up every stripper in two strip clubs, locking a tiny Asian in a car trunk only to leave him in the desert to die, all the while firing off fully automatic firearms over a residential neighborhood…now that would be manly and classifiable as a mancation.

Going huntingNOT MANLY ENOUGH!
Going hunting isn’t a mancation…it’s just a camping trip with guns and killing an animal. That’s not manly enough to be a mancation. Plenty of men do it and women, too. If you’re going lion hunting with only a knife…well, that’s mancation worthy.

Road trip from anywhere to anywhereNOT MANLY!
No, taking a road trip, even by motorcycle, is not a mancation! You’re just driving or riding your motorcycle. Big fucking deal.

Horse back trip from one state to the next without using main roadsMANLY!
Traveling on horseback from one state to another, and maybe even more, is manly. Dealing with the constant butt rash alone is enough to classify this as manly. If you’re doing this as part of a job or some bullshit dude ranch tour, then it’s not a mancation. It’s also not a mancation if you have a ton of store bought mixes. No, you must get your supplies together and go way off the populated paths and stay off of them until you reach your destination.

Just because you call something a mancation doesn’t make it a mancation. Matter of fact, if you call something a mancation, you instantly make it a bitchcation. Period.
I could go on, but my head hurts and I need to skin a newborn.

Psychology is junk science

Warning: Psychology Ahead
Aw, psychology. If ever there was a useless profession while making too much money, it’s this. The only thing more worthless (in a practice sense) than a psychiatrist is a psychologist. The only thing more worthless than either of those are counselors.

Just ask them and they’ll tell you: Everyone needs psychiatric assistance. Why? Because that’s what they are taught and force fed, and also because most of them probably do need actual help. Any person I have met who was going into the field or was thinking about going into the field all fed the bullshit, “Everyone needs psychiatric help.”

No, not everyone needs psychiatric help, you idiots. What most people want is someone to talk and bitch to. The problem is these power hungry assholes have gone from trying to identify truly dangerous conditions and warning signs, such as a child burning cats alive while also beating the crap out of people he knows, to cashing in on people who have no one to talk to.

When I purchased my home, the lady who lived there prior was a psychology student. The teacher encouraged them to keep a journal according to her writing. She left it by mistake after she moved out. I could literally read as this woman’s life was torn to hell by the very schooling she was attending due to what they were telling her was normal. Oh, and big surprise here: She repeated the mantra of “everyone needs psychiatric help” many times in different forms throughout her journal. At one point she even was asking herself in the journal how her life ended up so out of control and in the pit it was in now. Well, I can tell you it’s when she started that stupid program.

Oh, and did you know every mass shooter in recent history was taking psychotropic drugs, as admited by the International Society For Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry?

You need help because I say so!Before any of you morons start going on about the pseudo-science behind psychology, yes, I have been to a psychologist, no it wasn’t for being crazy, no it wasn’t my choice, no I wasn’t ordered to go because I needed help. The reason I went was because my past career required it before hire and after firearms related incidents. I even had to attend a few sessions before being let out of the military at the time because of the missions I undertook. Also, yes, I have known other people who got into psychology/psychiatry and I broke off all relationships with them because they turned into even bigger douche bags.
Normal is what they claim
Aside from their popular mantra, the other major reason I can’t stand these people is how they only believe what is taught to them to be normal. Back in the day, it was normal for children to be attracted to ten things going on during recess and play with eight things at once…now it’s fucking ADD. Hell, even now adults have ADHD because they find it hard to concentrate on boring ass meetings rather than sit there and listen. News flash: Being bored is normal and human! Children need to learn how to multitask and play with many things at once until their brain develops. Thinking about hot naked people on a tropical beach as you see yourself sipping a drink when you’re actually reading through TPS reports is perfectly normal! Everything is a damn disorder to these idiots. For those of us here in America, we have a lot of fun things we can be doing, so when you’re staring at five days of mind numbing paperwork and wishing you were playing Battlefield 4 instead, it’s not a disorder.

This day in age if you’re angry about something, you have a disorder. If you’re sad about something, you have a disorder. If you’re bored, you have a disorder. If you write, paint, or make movies about strange things, then you have a disorder.

I'm angry...I must have a disorder!Guess what? Anger is a normal response to something which pisses you off. Want to know why something pissed you off? Who cares! You’re upset about it and you have a right to be. Now, if you’re flying off the handle because someone is writing about how psychology is bullshit on the Internet, you have some deeper rooted problems you need to figure out and you aren’t expressing yourself correctly during your life. Fix that shit! You don’t need a psychology “expert” to tell you if you bottle up everything you’ll explode.
One personal experience
I know you’re all probably interested in what the whole incident with me regarding psychologists is about. Well, I was a police officer for some years and when I went into the hiring process, I was required to undergo a polygraph and psychological exam. That psych test was the biggest bullshit waste of time I have done in a long time for a job application. If you’re wondering, you’re an idiot, because I was obviously hired.

Basically, what happened is I get to the place and am given a colored packet with a number. I could have had between 316 questions and 1,699 questions to answer. No shit. This is known as the IPIP-Neo (International Personality Item Pool
Representation of the NEO PI-R™) in order to decide what kind of person you are. I lucked out and only had 316 questions to answer, but it still took me a few hours to do because I was given two other packets to answer questions with. When I finished, I had to wait again to see if they wanted to then do an actual person-to-person psychological exam. Yeah, you heard me right: a computer decided if I warranted a conversation with a human to be screened as a cop.

So I finally get in to see a real person and it’s this reasonably attractive woman who greets me. I’m not kidding…this is exactly how it happened:

Her – “Hello, Sunrie (she used my real name). I’m just going to ask you a series of questions and ask you to clarify things if I have to.”

Me – “*shaking hear hand and walking in* Oh, okay. Well as you know my name is Sunrie (used my real name). I am 5’9″ tall, 145lbs, blue eyes, dark brown hair. I like a wide form of music, hiking, fishing, and long walks on the beach back when I was in California. I like red heads, but don’t discriminate. Sense of humor is a must.”

Her – “*slowly writing on her pad* I guess we have all the answers then. *sits down on her chair*”

Me – “Oh, awesome, I passed! *laughs*”

Her – “*continues to write and motions to the chair while not looking at me* I didn’t say anything about passing.”

Me – “Oh…in that case, my name is Michael Begario and I want to thank you for shopping at BestBuy!”

Her – “*says nothing and keeps writing*”

Me – “Uhm…should I just sit down then?”

Her – “*finally stops writing, looks at me and nods* Please.”

I just kind of shrugged and sat down, stretched bit and then told her I was ready to start. I was asked some strange and bizarre questions, a few which shocked me, which is difficult to do. At the end of the application process I ended up in front of the chief who then went over all the results of the polygraph (another junk pseudo-science) and the psych exam. What did it say? Well, her interpretation of my results were this: Egotistical personality stemming from narcissism which can lead to extreme risk taking and suicidal tendencies; Severe problem with authority. I looked at the chief and let him know I wasn’t suicidal.

If you’re interested, at the bottom of this entry is a copy my results, which are kind of funny. I found the exact test I took back then and retook it.
Why you should be concerned
Some of you may be thinking, “Well, that’s all good and funny, but I don’t have to deal with it.” WRONG! When you apply at almost any company these days they have you take a psychology test. They call it a “personality test” or a “placement test” and even claim “This is not a psychological evaluation.” That statement is pure bullshit, because every 8 out of 10 of the questions on there come from the IPIP-Neo exam!

Typical Liberal piece of shitOn top of that, you have many of these crazy people trying to say you’re crazy for being normal. Did you know that if you believe in the right to defend yourself and use the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, you have a mental illness? Yep! Simply for owning a gun you’re now mentally deficient. Like reading children’s stories and you’re an adult? You’re also mentally deficient! You liberals aren’t off the hook, either. Did you know Liberalism is also considered an mental illness? Yep, it’s a sub-group of narcissism.
Some fun proof psychology is bullshit
So, for a little fun and to laugh at the moronic field of study this has become, I took a few of the psychology tests they give people to check if they’re okay. Let’s start off with me taking the Personality Disorder Test. …shut up…

Borderline Personality Disorder Test
So, this one I figured would be pretty funny to take because I had a feeling it was going to tell me I had a personality disorder. Why? Remember the psychological mantra: Everyone needs psychiatric help!

So, I go about and answer the questions…here’s the result:

Current score is: 2

Scoring Borderline Personality Disorder Test:
0-4 (You may have symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder)
5-10 (Higher likelihood you have Borderline Personality Disorder)

Do you see that?! Even if you score a god damn zero you’re being listed as possibly having a personality disorder! Are you thinking maybe this is just something a person made and put online as one of those silly tests, like on Facebook? Nope. This is on the bottom of the test:

This Borderline Personality Disorder test is based upon Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 4th Ed.) criteria for BPD. 2004.

Yep. Psychologists believe you may have a personality disorder simply be being alive. Sure my score was reasonably low, but I think I’m a little upset it wasn’t higher.

Schizophrenia Screening Test
Yes, I know I’m kind of stretching here, but let’s see what the test results say. Now, mind you, I find myself a little able to see paranormal activity, so some of the questions I answered honestly to, but might not apply. Still, here’s the result:

Current score is: 10

Scoring the Schizophrenia Screening Test:
0-9 (No schizophrenia)
10-14 (Possibility of early signs of schizophrenia)
15+ (More signs schizophrenia)

This one is slightly more forgiving stating if you have 0-9 then you don’t have schizophrenia. However, why even have a 15+ when 10 or more says it’s early signs of schizophrenia? Why not just tell people if you have 10+ to print this out and see a doctor, wasting thousands of dollars?

Once again, the bottom of the test claims this is actually from a real thing:

This schizophrenia test is based upon Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 4th Ed.) criteria for schizophrenia. 2004. All rights reserved.

Adult ADHD
Alright! Let’s get to something a little more serious and common! So, do I have ADHD like almost every psychologist/psychiatrist wants me to believe? Well…I do hate to and find it hard to concentrate on really boring paperwork…I like to day dream when I can…I have a very active imagination…

Current score is: 26

70+ (High probability of Adult ADHD)
50-69 (Moderate Adult ADHD)
35-49 (Mild Adult ADHD)
25-34 (Boderline Adult ADHD)
0-25 (Adult ADHD unlikely)

People with similar scores have great difficulty concentrating on a single task, and cannot pay attention in meetings, discussions, or stay ‘on task’.

Are you kidding me? So I have “borderline Adult ADHD” simply because I don’t like certain things, I’m easily amused, boring things don’t hold my attention, and annoying people piss me off?

What’s with 70+ being a high probability, but under that you DO have it, unless you’re 25- which is simply “unlikely”?

Yes, folks, because you’re too free willed and have a sense of individuality, you have ADHD and need medication. You aren’t shutting up and letting people tell you what to do, and you aren’t sitting down quietly to just do your mundane tasks, so you nee to be medicated.

Sie werden sich hinsetzen. Sie werden ruhig sein. Sie werden die Psychologie nicht beleidigen! Sieg heil! Sieg und wholstand!

You nor I have fucking ADHD! We are adults with other things on our mind besides some bullshit someone claims is important, but isn’t. Know what’s important? A cop stopping an armed robbery. Know what’s important? A paramedic saving a dying mother from bleeding out on the way to the hospital. Know what’s important? A fireman saving a child from a burning building. Know what isn’t important? Making sure the shelves are stocked with the newest Dove soap. Know what isn’t important? Making sure your spreadsheet is full of the updated parts information for satellite receivers. You may think it’s important, and it may be for the company, but in the grand scheme of life, it isn’t important.

Oh, once again:

Copyright 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 Larry Jasper & Ivan Goldberg. All rights reserved. Adopted from the printed edition of the Jasper/Goldberg Adult ADD Screening Examination for electronic distribution.

Alcoholism Test
This is by far my favorite…even more than the result for being bi-polar! What you should know about me is I hardly ever drink. The last time I actually went out for a night of drinking was my bachelor party on September 26th. My guys got me pretty wasted. Before that? It was my birthday the previous year. I drink what could be considered heavily once every four to twelve months. I’m lucky to average one bottle of beer every month and a half. I just don’t drink that much. Combined the fact of not feeling like it with almost always being armed all the time, it just doesn’t happen.

Well, what does the test say about me?

Current score is: 9

Scoring the Alcoholism Test:
0-1: (alcoholism a possibility)
2: (alcoholism a strong possibility)
3+: (high chances of being an alcoholic)

There are many different forms of treatment for alcoholism. The important thing to remember: there is help available.

Yep! Looks like I’m an alcoholic! The questions ranged from things like, “Do you feel a drink helps calm you down?” to “You always need a drink during certain times of the day.”

According to this fucking thing I am a high chance of being an alcoholic, which is completely and utter bullshit. After all, I’m addicted to video games…and boobs.

Sorry…when I took this one I forgot to copy the information on who originated the test…

Bipolar Test
I was looking forward to this one. It became my favorite just slightly behind the one for alcoholism. Like the one having to do with schizophrenia, some of my answers may not apply, but they’re the truth. So, what does it have to say about me?

Current score is: 8

This bipolar test automatically tallies the score for the MDQ, Mood Disorder Questionnaire:
0-6 points: Your responses do NOT meet the criteria that suggest a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.
7 or above: Answering “Yes” to 7 or more of the events in questions #1-13; Answering “Yes” to question #14, and answering “Moderate Problem” or “Serious Problem” to question #15 is considered a positive screen for bipolar disorder.

Help is available through bipolar medications and therapy for bipolar disorder. Please print out your bipolar test and score and share it with your doctor or therapist.

Ha! Take it for what it’s worth, but this says I’m bipolar. I know for a fact I’m not. Notice the suggestion about printing it out and getting medication plus therapy for it? Yep, spend more stupid amounts of money while getting medicated.

Want to know the worst part? Let’s say I was concerned about this and went to a psychiatrist or psychologist. Not only would the former give me the medication “just to be safe”, but I’d lose all my Second Amendment rights as well. Let’s pretend I actually am a bipolar person with a gun and now I’m afraid to lose it. What’s worse? Someone not taking the medications or the one who is?

Well…actually the person taking the medications. Every mass shooter in recent history was taking psychotropic drugs, as admited by the International Society For Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry, remember?

Here’s who came up with this test:

Derived from Hirschfeld RM. Am J Psychiatry. 2000:157(11):1873-1875.

Social Anxiety Disorder
I figured this one would be null and void given my personality, but as it turns out, things are just not cut and dry in the world of psychology.

Current score is : 4

Scoring: The symptoms you are experiencing indicate you might have Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD).

Wha..wha…whaaaaaat?! I’m the guy, you probably call him the annoying asshole, who strikes up conversations with random people in line, dancing on the table completely sober at parties (even family ones) and jumping into the middle of a group of people to get attention…but I have Social Anxiety Disorder?! What the fuck!?

I was confused, so I read on and the following is the description of the disorder. Surely I must just be misunderstanding something…

In patients with SAD, feared social or performance situations typically provoke an immediate anxious reaction ranging from diffuse apprehension to situational panic.

Well…that still doesn’t fit my personality nor how I feel.

How do I get help for it, though?

Help is available through anti-anxiety medications and various therapies for Social Anxiety Disorder.

Yeah…of course…

Where it came from:

This social anxiety-social phobia test is based upon the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (American Psychiatric Association, 4th Ed.) criteria for social anxiety disorder. 2004. All rights reserved.

My Personality Test
This is what some of you were waiting for! I’m an ENTJ…whatever the fucking hell that means. I don’t know what the percentages next to everything means and I don’t give a a damn.

It does but it doesn’t describe me…Hey, kind of like fortunetelling!

Extravert(33%) iNtuitive(50%) Thinking(75%) Judging(22%)

You have moderate preference of Extraversion over Introversion (33%)
You have moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
You have distinctive preference of Thinking over Feeling (75%)
You have slight preference of Judging over Perceiving (22%)

Domain/Facet……….. Score
..Activity Level………..75

Your score on Extraversion is high, indicating you are sociable, outgoing, energetic, and lively. You prefer to be around people much of the time.

Domain/Facet……….. Score

Your score on Agreeableness is low, indicating less concern with others’ needs Than with your own. People see you as tough, critical, and uncompromising.

Domain/Facet……….. Score

Your score on Conscientiousness is high. This means you set clear goals and pursue them with determination. People regard you as reliable and hard-working.

Domain/Facet……….. Score

Your score on Neuroticism is low, indicating that you are exceptionally calm, composed and unflappable. You do not react with intense emotions, even to situations that most people would describe as stressful.

Openness to Experience
Domain/Facet……….. Score
..Artistic Interests…….58

Your score on Openness to Experience is average, indicating you enjoy tradition but are willing to try new things. Your thinking is neither simple nor complex. To others you appear to be a well-educated person but not an intellectual.

Well, there it all is! Psychology is junk science, known as pseudo-science. It looks like real science, but it isn’t. It’s just like fortunetelling or using magnets on your wrists to have better balance.

For some fun, here’s the good kind of psychiatrist…A Frontier Psychiatrist!

5 anti-freedom of speech websites (s)

No Freedom of Speech Here!
Aside from my right to keep and bear arms here in America in order to protect myself from the insane idiots and liberals, what I love the most is my right to freedom of speech. Not every country has that right…hell, most don’t have any rights what so ever. Canada has bee known to shut down radio shows, ban books, and arrest people for making references alone to things their government doesn’t agree with. In England, you have almost no civil rights outside of not being allowed to be made a slave, and there are so many laws “protecting” special interest groups, simply saying you don’t like them is enough to get you put away with hefty fines.

It's for everyoneSo…when I come across websites set up for discussion or “social ‘media'” who do everything in their power to force their agenda down your throat by censoring anything they don’t agree with, I get really pissed off. When a website is ruled as protected by America’s First Amendment in the Bill of Rights and then bans anyone not on their agenda board, I get more than really pissed off…I get down right extremely pissed off.  I’m not talking about directly threatening violence against any individual and/or organization in specific.  No, I’m talking about simply stating a differing opinion than what the owners and/or employees accept.  You know…kind of like how Wikipedia isn’t a source for facts, but things accepted as facts.

I know most of you out there have probably stopped reading because you thought this was going to be nothing more than a list. Well, fuck them, and congratulations to those still reading as you’re obviously more intellectual than those turds. Give yourself a hand-job if you’d like or simply revel in that fact. Either way, you’re awesome in this regard. Now, without further ado, the list is below! These are really in no particular order.

5. Twitter
Twitter is one of the lighter anti-free speech websites. Most of the time Twitter lets things ride unless it’s a credible threat against a person or organization, which is good. However, Twitter has round about, passive-aggressive bitch bullshit ways of punishing you for exercising free speech on their site. How? Lucky for you, I’m about to explain.

Twitter likes to have people pay them to promote their tweets. Twitter is making a killing doing this. Have you mentioned Pepsi in a tweet or listed yourself at Jack-in-the-Box? Well, you’ll get a few paid-for-by-the-company tweets advertising one of their products. The problem comes when you start deleting these tweets or post, “Stop with these paid tweets on my feed!” Twitter will start to ad bomb you until your entire feed is almost nothing more than paid tweets! Things I have never mentioned have been showing up in my own twitter feed, such as ads for bubble bathes, children’s shampoos, and even travel agencies. There are so many, I am deleting ten to fifteen of these things a day.

If you aren’t a celebrity, then expect things you say to get deleted as well. Have feelings like Alec Baldwin and call someone a fairy while threatening them? You will have your account blocked, the tweet deleted, and receive a warning. Are you upset at the government? Well, then expect to receive notifications and warnings in regards to your post for speaking out against it. Again, I’m not talking about an instance, for example only, you threaten to kill the president and then talk about how you have the means. I’m talking about simply stating the president is an idiot or something similar. Depending on your past tweets and your political alignments, you may start to find your tweets limited in distribution or even deleted. Nothing Twitter does compares to Facebook, but more on them later.

Fuck you, Twitter, you shit bags.
Deal with it4. Xanga
For those of you not in the know, Xanga is a blogging site which used to have one hell of a community. That is, until they went “2.0” and started charging people just to access their site and comment. Now it’s an elitist shit house.

Now, as far as a place to blog goes, you would think unless you were threatening to kill someone or blow up a building, it’s all free game. Not so. There were instances of the site shutting down a blog page because the content didn’t align with a specific view, or the staff felt it held no merit and was only “hate speech” or was “obscene”. Write up an entry about Islam? Better make sure you have actual references from the Qur’an, but it wasn’t a requirement for anti-Christianity entries. Probably because Christians don’t blow up buildings and day-care centers in retaliation. Writing something for the sole purpose of being funny? Ho-boy…be ready to defend it or put a disclaimer up.

The best is when an entry was written as a hoax and went viral over there. People would syndicate it all over the place, and when the fact was revealed the entry was a hoax and never meant to be taken seriously, the account of the original author would get suspended. However, write up about your sexual conquests and no one would complain. Hell, if you may even get listed on the front page for talking about what a whore you were or how you threw up all your food. I can’t even tell you how many times I saw an entry with nothing more than pictures of someone’s fridge after groceries were put in it blasted all over the front page… Yeah…community…
3. The Hylia Forum
If you’re not familiar with it, don’t worry about it. The place is a forum for The Legend of Zelda fans to talk…and mostly bitch and try to get each other banned. Honestly, this place is what happens when little kids, and adults who think they are little kids, run a forum to discuss the intricacies of a relationship in a video game and try to talk about big boy topics like politics.

Many times entire topics were locked down because some children threw a hissy fit over something posted they didn’t like or their teachers were trying to teach them otherwise. Everything from the moderators simply making a new topic to make fun of the user for posting up something they didn’t know was a fact, to full on death threats were common.

At one point some kid posted up a rant about how Muslims were the exact same as Jews and Christians. When their light-on-fact post was decimated, by me no less (Islam Peace? Same as Christians and Jews? [will open in new window]), they began to fly off the handle. Having made a hard counter-point, they began the insults. When I showed them a copy of what the Islam religion details (U.S. Revenge: Tim “ALcard” Johnson”(NFSW) [will open in new window]), I began to receive death threats. It got so bad people were banned by a range of IP addresses. The admin and moderators had to come up with NEW RULES for the forum as well.

Posting up evidence against humans being the sole cause of global warming gets you suspended for two weeks and the thread locked. Writing pro-second amendment articles will get you suspended and the thread locked. Putting a bald eagle as your avatar gets your avatar deleted with a warning to not offend people. What people? People who aren’t Americans? So what? People have leprechauns in their avatars and no one is getting mad you’re showing something Irish.
The truth2. GameFAQs
First of all, it’s pronounced Game F A Q’s, not Game Faks, you fucking idiots.

Much like The Hylia Forum, but much, much worse in terms of censorship and anti-free speech. Where The Hylia Forum has an age triggered censor, GameFAQs not only requires you to be at least 13 years of age for some arbitrary reason, if you so much as suggest you’re swearing you’re going to get punished. Think the game sucks and can’t find how anyone enjoys it? You’re going to get punished…unless, of course, the board moderator(s) agree with you, then you can say whatever you want. Make a statement which can be very, very, very loosely considered a slur? Then you’re going to get punished…unless it’s against Christianity, of course.

I’ve made several statements on GameFAQs not even intending to directly insult a person or group and I have been moderated for “Hate Speech”. Yes, apparently it’s hate speech to even claim you and friends wore towels on your head as kids to simulate turbans or something similar when playing. It’s apparently hate speech to make a statement such as, “…it’s more like a special needs child trying to seamlessly integrate into society.” It’s also apparently hate speech to claim you support free speech. Yes…claiming to support free speech gets your post moderated.

What can you expect from a community such as GameFAQs, though? Try playing with most of them and you’ll find hackers all over the place, especially their Battlefield players.
1. Facebook
By far the absolute worst offender and hater of the First Amendment. Unless you follow their agenda, of course. Hope you like having your information sold to the government in addition to it all!

Say something they don’t like? Suspended. Link to something they don’t like? Suspended. Promote a conservative agenda? Suspended. Start a first amendment club? Unless you’re only recruiting liberals and promoting their views: Suspended. Align yourself with a certain political candidate who has specific views? Suspended. “Like” Chik-fil-a? Suspended. Some cunt in Canada doesn’t understand a game or Internet lingo? You’ll get arrested. Post up your own self made rap lyrics? You’ll get arrested. Claim the president and members of congress are acting niggardly? Suspended.

During the entire Chick-fil-a dip-shits-a-thon-thinking-the-business-stood-for-what-an-individual-believes fiasco, Facebook blocked millions of users for hate speech. I was blocked for 48 hours after posting a picture of a local Chick-fil-a with the comment, “I am so glad to see so many people understanding an INDIVIDUAL’S feeling on a subject doesn’t reflect what a BUSINESS stands for.” Yep, that was it. My grandmother was blocked for 48 hours for simply saying she was glad to see people standing up for Constitutional rights in America, and that is why they moved here from England. My mother, my brother, almost all of my family, and a total of approximately 16 million other users, were blocked for “hate speech”. I have removed myself from Facebook as I will put up with their fascism.

Facebook is also notorious for blocking and deleting accounts which do no reflect their political ideals. Todd Starnes was “accidently blocked” by Facebook in light of his opinions on the Second Amendment and Chick-fil-a. Bloggers who post conservative thoughts and opinions get blocked as well. All links to Kirk Cameron’s (a very nice Christian man who refuses to back down to pressure) new movie “Unstoppable” has been banned from Facebook and Youtube as well. Facebook will even threaten to shut down your conservative fan pages. Even prolific internet writer and YouTube personality, Maddox, was blocked on Facebook for some time, spurring an outpouring of rage against Facebook. how did Facebook respond? A since taken down photo of Zuckerberg with the caption, “Fuck you, Maddox!” . However, pages such as Kill George Zimmerman are allowed to continue.

Facebook has been ruled by the Supreme Court of the United states things such as “likes” are protected speech, and so is complaining about working conditions and/or complaining about co-workers/bosses. Yet Facebook decides what they feel is free speech and what isn’t. Basically, it is anything they don’t agree with when you post becomes unprotected. This is just the way liberals work.

Well, at least there’s more than one lawsuit against Facebook for this as well. Do yourself a favor and just leave Facebook. Hit them in the pocket and let them know you aren’t going to support their fascist ways. Chances are, if you post a link to this article, you’re going to get suspended for a while…get enough people to do it, and they just may get the message we won’t take it anymore.

Why Grand Theft Auto Takes Place in the Cities it Does

Grand Theft Auto stands as one of the greatest franchises in the video game industry.  The open world format was introduced to most of us through the series, even though it wasn’t necessarily the first to use the formula.  Over the years, the series has grown and even matured more than many others.

What makes the game so great?  Besides the almost unbridled ability to do what you want whenever you want, it’s the sense of power you have as a character.  Most of the time, said power has to do with being able to rain down destruction on the numerous NPCs which litter the landscape using the obscene amount of weapons available.

Think about that…  Your enjoyment of the game comes from your sense of freedom and power.  How do you feel that freedom and power?  You have weapons which you can unleash on the populace at any time, with the only real worry being other criminal organizations or law enforcement there to “spoil” your fun.  I mean, really, the only ones in these games are generally criminals and law enforcement who use weapons, aside from the player.

This is why the games take place in the cities in which they do.  What cities are we talking about here?  Well, the games are based off of Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, New York, New Jersey and Miami in the 1980’s.

I know what you’re thinking. “No shit, Sunrie.  Everyone knows that!”  Pay attention, idiot, because I’m about to blow your tiny little mind with this.  What do all of these cities have in common?  They are pinnacles of the gun control world.  Why is this important?  For the reason why I stated you feel powerful in these games.  After all, you cannot have the player feel powerful and free to do what they wish if every five seconds someone will take them out for opening fire on an unarmed pedestrian.

I’ve seen people making suggestions to put the GTA games in places like Texas or Colorado.  This will never, ever, happen.  Why?  Because here in Colorado we have open carry rights and a shall issue for concealed permits.  You cannot put a GTA game here in Colorado, because if you pull out a gun in the game to cause problems, chances are, you’re going to have people pulling their guns on your ass to take you down.  Same goes in Texas, though they do not have open carry rights.  Want to see the games make a return to Vice City?  Fat chance!  Florida has the excellent “Stand Your Ground” laws, in which shit buckets such as Trayvon Martin get what they deserve.

Rockstar attempts to counter the player by adding law enforcement every ten feet in their games instead of having a rash of armed citizens with open or concealed carry.  This prevents you from feeling unstoppable, but still gives you the ability to take out the random NPCs at will with little chance they will take you down in return.  What Rockstar is really saying in these games with this method is exactly what the sheep liberals and power hungry politicians are saying, “The people have no power, and so the ‘law’ is there to respond to their plights.  Those who are important have the rights to be protected, but the ‘common rabble’ do not.”

Bad news for all of you brain dead, anti-Constitutional morons out there who don’t understand why firearms are important to your own protection: The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled law enforcement has zero responsibility to save your life.  Law enforcement is there to enforce the law, not protect the people.  When was the last time you actually saw “To Serve and Protect” on a police car?  Probably early eighties, wasn’t it?

Along the same lines as GTA is Red Dead Redemption.  Ah, yes, RDR…taking everything which was started in GTA and perfected!  The world felt larger, there was more going on, and who doesn’t like a tragic western?  Your argument up to this point may have been, “Well, didn’t RDR take place in New Austin, which is modeled after Texas? Proves you wrong!’

Incorrect in said argument and for good reason!  Red Dead Redemption may take place in a Texas style area, but at no time do you really have the feeling of ultimate power as you do in the GTA games.  To give you a sense of overwhelming power, the game has “dead eye”, but limits the ability to use it.  Almost every NPC in the game is armed and does what they can to take you out if you do something wrong.  Hell, even just pointing a gun at someone for a second or two will get you shot at by another NPC, and then have the NPC you drew your weapon on attack you.

The only two places in the game which aren’t held to the same mechanics are Thieves Landing and Blackwater.  Thieves Landing has no law enforcement and the citizens of the town are much more lenient, only firing when fired upon.  Blackwater is as close to a big city as you will find in the game, and the citizens are generally as neutered as common big cities; Relying on the local law enforcement to end a menace instead of doing so themselves.  It is easily the best town to take out civilians without them shooting back!

Soon the new Grand Theft Auto game will be released.  Will it be good?  Hell yes it will be.  Once again we’re taken back to San Andreas and the game mechanics have been reworked one more time.  The changes look positive and fun.

One of the mechanics is the ability to do missions in different play styles.  Do you want to sneak or be loud?  Do you want to go in with a full team or try to run a skeleton crew for a bigger take?  All of that sounds freaking awesome to me.  We’re also given the ability to customize not only the characters and cars, but weapons, too!

Yes, I got a little side tracked on how awesome this game will be, so what?   If you made it this far, good for you.  This game wouldn’t work anywhere other than coming back to San Andreas since we’re kind of sick of Liberty City and Rockstar cannot send the game back to Vice City due to “shall issue” laws in Florida for concealed weapons and their kick ass “Stand Your Ground” statutes.  No…in California, you have a responsibility to flee and there is no Castle Doctrine to worry about, so the player can have that unbridled power and freedom they have gotten used to.

While I’d love to see a GTA game in a Denver style setting or even a modern Austin, it just will never happen.  The citizenry has too much power in those areas, and you cannot have that if you’re going to have a player feel powerful by only allowing law enforcement and criminals to have the guns.

Remember, you’re never really a good guy in the GTA games.  When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns!  That is absolutely necessary for a Grand Theft Auto game and it will never change.

Stop supporting illegals! (A blast from the past)

Many years ago I wrote an article on another site and completely forgot about it. Here is that article, updated with images, for your enjoyment.

I think we can deal…

If you went to that immigration protest on Monday, May 01, 2006, while skipping work then have no respect for this country. I had to miss pay because they wanted to protest our RIGHT to deny illegals from working in this country who have no right to be here to begin with. Some people couldn’t go to a store because those people wanted to whine that you or people you know don’t have the right to be here illegally.

What the hell are you thinking? They don’t have a right to be here, so what makes them honestly believe that they have a right to complain? Leave country since you aren’t supposed to be here to begin with and head straight for all those liberal paradises known as Cuba, Brazil, and North Korea.

Don’t be scared, they actually just suck each other off

Now, of course, people have already started complaining when the fact is brought up the protest did nothing more than hurt a few small businesses. Cars were still washed, gas was still pumped, kitchens still served food, lawns were still mowed, accountants still crunched numbers, cops still arrested people, and lawyers still did what they could for their clients. Oh, but how racist of us to point that out

Racist, huh? Guess what? Mexicans are Caucasian. Oh, snap, I am Caucasian! Gee, not so racist anymore, huh? Mexicans, Indians (from India), those who come from Jerusalem, Iraqis, all those other “browns”, and a group in Asia from the Ainu are also all Caucasian. That makes it, you’re right, not racist.

God forbid anyone want people to come into this country LEGALLY. If a person is not here legally, they have no right to work here. Pretty simple, isn’t it? I don’t care if it’s a Mexican, a Welshman, a Brit, or a Korean. If you’re not here right, you don’t belong here. Guess what? That’s the law. A damn good one, I might add.

Still there are those liberals who believe that illegal migrant workers should get special treatment, but apparently only if they aren’t white. When was the last time you heard anyone protesting to help out illegal Welsh, Scottish, British, or German workers? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Those who are here legally and participated in the protest blow my mind as well. After everything they had to do in order to get a citizenship in this country, they want someone to simply enter in without having to do a damn thing. Uh…excuse me? That’s like getting a job that requires a B.A. degree and five year experiences, then protesting that someone still in high school with no training nor experience get the job as well. I do not think so. These people shouldn’t be supporting the measure.

…and drugs

What’s hilarious is that I’m called a fascist for saying what I did and should be strung up for saying it… That, boys and girls, is called an oxymoron. Look it up if you don’t understand the term and I’m sure those who of you who think the way of those idiots, you don’t know what an oxymoron is.

It’s amazing how many ignorant cry babies think they have a valid opinion and the way to start off a debate is, “You fucking faggot!!! How dare you say that?!!?!” There’s a saying, you know, that goes like this: The less understanding one has, the broader the statements made. Well, the flood of debauchery I’m getting is just that.

Have fun in your closed clique group filled with uneducated, ignorant baboons. You have a right to think what you want, but guess what? That right applies to me as well, so you’ll just have to learn how to deal with it.

Lastly, don’t bother with that “t|-|uG £iFè 4EvR” bullshit, either. It doesn’t scare me and never has. I’m from California and that’s the typical attitude with everyone out there, so it’s not like it’s anything new. This is the Internet, dumb ass, and not face to face.

Well, there you have it. As always, I know I blew your mind and you’ve got something to say.

You Just Got Learned!

I know you enjoyed it.

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Actual customer complaints (s)

Customers…they like to think they’re always right, but fact is, they hardly ever are.  Let’s face it, here in America the customer has been taught terrible lessons, and as such, has developed into a whiny ass bitch who will step on you and lie in order to get what they want.  Doesn’t matter if what they say is true or not, they’re going to say it in hopes of not only getting their original goal, but something extra on top.  The American consumer is a worthless, annoying dipshit who needs to be spanked every so often.

Well, here are some actual customer complaints about different companies.  You can’t make these up!  Listed is the actual complaint, complete with original mistakes, and then below it I will place my comments about the idiot.

Company: Joann Fabrics and Craft
Source: Joann Fabric – fabric and manager

Actual Complaint:
I bought fabric for a friend to create a princess dress for my 4 year old daughter.After washing it 1 time almost all the glitter was gone!

She took the dress into the store and was told she washed it incorrectly (false). They told her to come back the next day to talk to the store manager. She went back, with the dress in hand (with no receipt) and he proceeded to tell her the SAME thing and there was nothing he could do and to come back in 2 days. The 3rd time, I went with her with the dress, receipt, and my 4 year old.

Tha manager looked at the receipt (I had spent $100.00 in the store) and would NOT give us a $20.00 refund for the ruined fabric only store credit. He said he could only give us cash if he kept the dress. My 4 year old was shocked and we were as well. We said we had to try and “fix” the dress the best we could, took the store credit and walked around for 30 minutes trying to decide what we could add to the dress to try and make it princess like again.

Not only did NO ONE ever apologize for the poor fabric, NO ONE offered to help make it right. After we spend the store credit I will NEVER return to Joann’s|.

Poor product is one thing, bnut lousy customer service is another..I will take my busimness elsewhere!

My Response:
So…this idiot is upset she washed a fabric she shouldn’t have and then was told the store had to keep the fabric in order to give her a refund?  What…the…fuck?  I mean, seriously?  What store do you know allows you to be upset about a product, get a refund, and keep the product at the same time?  I sure as hell don’t know of any.

Not to mention, it sounds like the manager even broke some rules by giving her a credit to begin with…and even allowed her to keep the outfit!  What a cunt.  I’m sure they’re grateful you aren’t ever going back.

Company: Macy’s
Source: Rude Know-It-All Sales Lady

Actual Complaint:
I recently lost quite a bit of weight and needed a new bra, so I went to the new Macy’s in the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I wear a bra everyday, so I want one that’s going to last a while, function properly, feel good, and not pay $200 for it. I had recently been in the Macy’s at the Lakeline Mall in Austin, Texas and was fitted for a bra there, but did not purchase anything. I decided to use that measurement to buy a new bra. The sales lady was kind of pushy when she came over to me, but I thought nothing of it because this is retail. I asked about wireless, and she showed me the available selections. I asked about strapless wireless, and she got real snotty and told me there was no such thing. I told her I’d seen it in Austin, Texas. She snapped that maybe there was such a thing, but not through Macy’s. I informed her it was at Macy’s that I saw it, and she got real huffy. When I went to try them on, she seemed to hang around in the dressing room while I (and two other women) were trying things on. She was constantly talking to us. Awkward! She kept trying to get me to let her fit me for a bra, but I kept telling her I’d already been fitted. Eventually, I decided to buy two (one beige in one style and one beige in another style) and was then told it was a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I got a white in one of the styles I’d originally wanted to purchase. The sales lady seemed to rush me through the sales process, and then almost shoved me down the escalator”.

During the week, I found the band size to be too small!. It dug into my skin, leaving deep indentions,. One day almost broke skin/. So, the next Saturday, I was back at the mall to exchange them|. One I had worn for two days and was sure I could not exchange or return.. The other two had only been worn for two hours or not at all,. The same woman who had sold me the bras was the woman I dealt with this time again. She was all bright and cheery when I walked up to the counter, but when I told her I was exchanging the items she got stone-faced and bitchy real fast. She kept saying she could not take them back because the tags were removed. Yes, but I still had them. I take home my purchases, and put them away. I don’t leave the tags on until they are worn, but I do keep them for the first month after purchase just in case. Then she started talking about how if I had been fitted, I wouldn’t have needed to exchange the items in the first place. I HAD been fitted, ten days before I bought the items. She said there was a hair on one of them: it was black and long (like her hair) whereas mine is pixie and red. Not my problem. Then she said she’d do me a favor and exchange them, but that she couldn’t do it again because the three bras were not able to be put back on the racks because of wear and tear. One of them had never been worn! She kept going on and on. Then she said if I had a Macy’s card, it might be different. I don’t want a credit card, thank you very much. She got real huffy and kept interrupting me as I explained why I was exchanging the bras. When she started talking and said something wrong, I’d try to correct her. At one point, she snapped, “Don’t interrupt me.” Excuse me? You interrupted me plenty! I finally got away after she made a note in the computer and wrote all over my receipt that she would not take these bras back a second time. How rude and uncivilized. Especially in the lingerie department!

She was rude the first time, and then rushed me out of the store. She was very rude (even bitchy) the second time, tried to guilt me into leaving with my original merchandise, tried to guilt me into getting a Macy’s card, and then reamed me a new one with a lecture about how if SHE had been the one to fit me then this all wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Seriously, Macy’s? If this is how you treat customers without a Macy’s card just because I don’t want a credit card, then I definitely won’t shop there every again. I can get just as bad of service for cheaper prices elsewhere, or better service. I don’t need to be talked to like an errant child.

(all information such as the woman’s name, receipt information, and merchandise details can be provided as needed, since I’ve kept the tags and receipt and made sure to get the woman’s name)

My Response:
…good god.  Bitch wrote a wall of text!  My response won’t be as long, don’t worry.

You know, I may not be as expert on wearing bras as I am unhooking them with two fingers, I do understand something about this.  First off…no shit a different brand is going to fit differently.  It’s the same fucking thing as shoes!  I don’t tell someone I know my size in shoes and just buy them without trying them on.  Why would someone think all bras fit the same?

Also…why the hell would you think something very cheap is going to “…last a while, function properly…” and “…feel good…”?  That’s like saying I want a fast car, with great gas mileage, is cheap, and very reliable!  It’s just not going to happen!

Every god damn clothing store you go into is going to have someone sitting outside your dressing room making you try extra shit on until you finally get fed up and tell them to stop.  It’s their corporate policy to do that.  Don’t like it?  Write a god damn letter to corporate telling them to knock it off.  Chances are they won’t give a shit, but with enough people complaining something will be changed.

Now for the interrupting part…if you weren’t such an insufferable and annoying bitch you wouldn’t have been interrupted as much.  I know I don’t let people continue talking to me in a snarky tone.  You do need to be spoken to like an errant child because you act like one.

Source: Toy R us doesn’t exchange mistaken game

Actual Complaint:
I just bought my son’s birthday gift Super Mario that he was asking for long time.

But when he put it into the Wii, it showed invalid disk”. Then we found out this disk was for the new Wii machine Wii U that we didn’t know about before!. I went back to the store and want to change the game to the version that work for the old kind of Wii.. The manager refused to change it because the game was opened’.

And she said somebody just copy the game.. I asked what can I do with the disk if I didn’t have the new machine/. She said she would like to sell me a new machine?.

I was speech less?.My feeling was I would not buy stuff in that store any more.

My Response:
*sigh*  These are same type of parents who want video games banned…  This person is so out of the loop they don’t even know what video game system they have.

Just because someone claims to not have the system doesn’t mean they didn’t copy it.  This is common practice with retailers who sell video games: if it’s open software, you can’t return it.  Get a god damn brain, dumb bitch.

Well…that’s about all I can stand at this moment.  The moral of the story is to shut the fuck up.  You aren’t smart and you aren’t right.

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