Fixing my blog thanks to Photobucket’s bullshit (s)(t)

So, as many of you out there know, Photobucket has lost their god damn mind and decided people have to pay them $400 a year in order to access their photos and link them online. Unless, of course, you’ve already been paying for a premium service, in which case you can get access to everything until December 2017, then you need to pay the $400.

Photobucket can suck my balls and wipe my asshole with their tongue. For over a decade I’ve been using that service to provide images on my blogs and other sites, but now they decided that’s not good enough. Well, they’re not good enough for me. They aren’t good enough for you, either, especially with so many alternatives out there.

I’m in the process of fixing my blog and uploading my images to better hosting locations, but it’s slow going. I had over 500 images across this blog…holy shit… I’m not the only one furious with them over this, either. Many people have completely deleted their images and their accounts, that way there was nothing left for Photobucket to claim.

Fuck Photobucket. Give them enough room for their $400 elite sacks of shit by deleting everything off their site and deleting your account. This is a severe violation of UDAP (Unfair, Deceptive and Abusive Practices) which every business is held under. Fuck Photobucket in their ass.

You want to complain about MY computer?! (s)

Where I’m staying, they are selling their house.  I rent the apartment that’s downstairs and it’s nice.  Not as nice as the place I’m looking to buy, but it’s nice enough for a bachelor like me.  However, it is annoying as all hell when there’s a showing.

I generally get one day off a week.  Yes, one fucking day.  I’m basically working Japanese hours without the pay.  It’s like these morons know what day I’m off and decide to do house showings all day on that one day of the week.  Not only do I have to get up early to get the place looking like a god damn “sparkle magic fairy tale”, but I don’t generally have anywhere to go during the day while it’s going on.

Now, here’s the kicker…I know these jack offs are going to be looking through the entire house, including my closet space and cabinets.  No big deal, really.  What pisses me off, are the ones who I know go through my laundry drawers and other private areas.

NEWS FLASH MORONS!  The furniture and clothing are not included with the house!!!!!  There is NO REASON for you to go through my rolling computer cabinet!!!!  There’s also no reason to see what’s on my god damn desktop.

This brings up my point for the article.  I know that some people have been dicking around a bit on my computer, even if just clicking on things, the few times I’ve left it on to run updates or scans.  So, what was my solution?  When you move my mouse, this image pops up asking for a password:

Now, I know what you’re asking, “How do you know anyone has been on your computer?”  Well, aside from icons I didn’t click moved slightly and highlighted, I got a conversation from the home owner about what was left in the house review.  Namely, “Disturbing and offensive images on computer screen. Potential buyer extremely put off.  Had children with them.”

Hey, guess what?  Don’t fucking touch my god damn computer!  You aren’t here to buy my computer system.  Even if you were, I’d show you more bad ass stuff like that just to prove how manly my computer is.

Oh, so some of you bleeding heart pansies are thinking that I just had it displayed, are you?  Guess what, all you lowest common denominators?  Not only was my system in power save mode (the screen goes black, you retards), but I had the power to the monitor OFF.

Not only did the asshole have to jiggle my mouse, but they had to turn the god damn screen on as well!

Hey, asshole!  Remember what they said happened to the cat and remember what happened to Goldilocks?  Yeah, I will eat your fucking face and kill you.

Stay the hell out of people’s personal items when you’re house hunting, or else you may learn something about the you didn’t want to know.  I think I’ll drop a dead cat in one of my empty boxes next.

Posted 1/14/2010 at 4:46 PM on Xanga