The Warrior Mentality as it applies to Modern Warfare 2 (s)


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Warrior Mentality FAQ v1.0

Last Update: 11/12/09

Author: Sunrie


Table of Contents

1. Introduction (~1~)
– Legal Information (~i~)

2. Warrior Strategies(~2~)
– Studying yourself (~ii~)
– Studying your enemy (~iii~)
– Identify, Adapt, Overcome (~iv~)

3. Warriors Try, Noobs Cry (~3~)
– Being the best (~v~)
– Sacraficing for the Better (~vi~)
– No Limits (~vii~)

4. Ending Notes

Hello and welcome to the Warrior Mentality FAQ. As you probably read up on top, my user name is Sunrie on and Steam. What prompted me to write such an FAQ? Well, the reason is to help people get in to a better frame of mind and get their head into the game. To be specific: Identify, Adapt, Overcome.

I am of the full belief that anything given to you as a tool in the game is of valid use as a tactic. As long as one isn’t hacking/glitching/cheating, the tactics used by one gamer is just as valid as the next.

You can find what you’re looking for by typing in the tag (i.e. (~1~) ) after each section in your “Find” (crtl+F) toolbar.

-(~i~)Legal Information
This may not be reproduced in any way, shape, or form except for private, personal use. This may not be placed on any website other than,,, or

Any other public display of this work is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the copyright.

(~2~)Warrior Mentality Basics
“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.” – Carlos Casteneda, American author, 1925-1998

What does this mean? It means you will learn take the reasons why you lost and hold them to a better understanding as to why you won the last time. It’s easy to recognize why you won, but do you always understand why you lost? Was it because of some “noob” camping with a grenade launcher every time you came around the same corner killed you? Was it because of some “noob” going prone the moment you engaged him and riddling you with bullets?

(~ii~) Studying Yourself>
“Four elements make up the climate of war: danger, exertion, uncertainty and chance. Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.” – Carl von Clausewitz, On War

The first thing you need to do is study yourself. What makes you tick? What is your gaming style? Do you want to use the most difficult weapons to use effectively or do you want to use what is easy to mow down hundreds right away and stick with it? No matter what you choose, you’re going to have to understand your playing style better than anyone else.

Find out what your weaknesses are as quickly as possible and learn to overcome them. Obviously this involves you getting out there in the middle of the engagements and learning what you did wrong in contrast to what you are doing right. What you are doing right is always easy to spot.

-(~iii~)Study Your Enemy
“The only way you can understand the truth about killing an enemy in combat is by killing an enemy in combat.” – Miyamoto Musashi, The Book of Five Rings, 1643

Okay, you understand yourself and your own short comings, now it’s time to study your enemy. Again, this requires you to get out there in the middle of the battle and watch your adversaries.

If someone is using a tactic which seems to be highly effective against you, learn that tactic and use it against the enemy. With any luck, they won’t understand the draw backs of the tactic they are using and you won’t be punished by them for doing the same. In addition to picking up a new tactic to use against the enemy, you are going to learn more about the drawbacks in your position/strategy (more in the Identify, Adapt, Overcome section).

Recognize what enemies are using jumping to try and avoid fire as well as other tactics. When you come across the enemy again, you immediately know what their defensive strategy is. In Modern Warfare 2, it’s only 6v6, so you will run in to the same adversary multiple times, making it easy to memorize who is going to do what.

A hopping enemy is easily defeated by aiming at the high upper torso/throat of their avatar. This will cause them to jump into your bullets. An opponent who automatically goes prone to fire is not only limiting their mobility, but by aiming at their hip you force them to drop into your bullets for a quick headshot.

-(~iv~)Identify, Adapt, Overcome
“I’ll tell you in two words what the battle was: Murder and fear, murder and fear. I know I’ll never be the same person again. All the things that used to bother me are so small and silly. I know what life is worth, now that I’ve seen so much death.” – Israeli paratrooper, 1967

Now that you can better understand the short comings in your tactics and your enemy’s tactics, it’s time to use it against them. As stated before, a jumping and prone enemy are easy to defeat once you remember who is doing what. There is always a drawback in every strategy and the sooner you learn how to recognize it, the better you will become.

People like to complain about the use of the Grenade Launcher or a camping sniper. These people tend to not use counter tactics in order to achieve victory over their adversary.

For instance, an adversary using a grenade launcher cannot attack too closely or else risking a death. In addition, there are only two shots per grenade launcher in multiplayer. So, getting close to an adversary with a grenade launcher and forcing them to use their two shots unwisely puts you in a higher chance of victory. Rushing a grenade launcher user is not only highly effective, but it forces them to panic slightly, as this is not what most people do.

Imagine going through your local drive-thru. What do you normally do? You pull up to the box, someone asks to take your order, you place it, and pull up to the window where you pick it up. Now, what do you think your reaction would be if you pulled up to that box and instead of having your order taken, a blast of cold air and a stream of water hits you in the face. More than likely you’d sit shocked, not sure what to do.

This is a shock to the brain many people would experience. You wouldn’t be the first nor last person to experience this. What you need to do is fight through that sensation and simply react.

It is your duty in the game to identify your shortcomings, adapt a better strategy and overcome the obstacle. You are doing NO ONE any good by not figuring out a counter strategy to the sniper, the grenade spammer, the grenade launcher, or the riot shields. If you are ineffective in doing what you are continuing to do, then you need to figure out a new way of doing it. This often means switching out your class or going a different direction.

(~3~)Warriors Try, Noobs Cry
“Of every one hundred men in battle, ten should not even be there. Eighty, are nothing but targets. Nine are the real fighters, we are lucky to have them since they make the battle. Ah, but the one—one is the Warrior—and he brings the others home.” – Heracletus, 500 BC

There are many weapons and tools available to you for use in game. Everyone of them is legit and given to you for use. Just because you don’t want to use one or feel that it is counter productive to your method of style does not change that fact. By crying against the usage, you are showing how weak you actually are.

Do not limit yourself to some imaginary rules. Use EVERYTHING to your advantage. Just because something kills many people easily does not mean it is “stupid” or “pathetic”. A warrior uses everything to their advantage. There are no noobs in war. The noobs are the ones who want to hide in their own little shell of what they think is right and wrong.

Your job in this game is to beat the enemy. Your job is NOT to decide how each person accomplishes that mission using the tools available. If a well timed grenade launcher takes out an entire team, that person is effective. By prohibiting yourself to using such “noob tactics” repeatedly costs you victory, you are the noob.

Use what you can to beat the other team. If doing so means spamming grenades, then do it. If doing so means using two weapons with a grenade launcher, do it. If doing so means camping in one tight spot across the map and sniping everyone, then do it. Warriors try and noobs cry. Do not be a noob in war.

(~v~)Being the Best
“Casualties many. Percentage of dead not known. Combat efficiency: we are winning.” – Colonel David M. Shoup, USMC, Tarawa, November 21, 1943

Being the best is a mental state. You don’t have to know you’re going to score the highest, you don’t have to take down as many people as possible, and you don’t have to score the winning point. Being the best means that you have the idea in your mind that no matter what happens, you will be the top player.

You don’t have to brag, you don’t have to insult, you just have to believe. Braggarts are trying to reassure themselves they are the best, not actually provide further proof they scored the most. Allow yourself to play the best and be the best in your mind constantly. You may score the least, but if you know that you played 100%, then know you gave everything.

-(~vi~)Sacraficing for the Better
“Samson said, ‘Let me die with the Philistines!’ Then he pushed with all his might, and down came the temple on the rulers and all the people in it. Thus he killed many more when he died than while he lived.” – Judges 16:30

Don’t care about your K/D ratio! Often times it’s better to sacrifice in order to lead out a tough opposition rather than attempt to take it on yourself.

Many times I have had someone following me and I knew that another player was waiting. My strategy has always been to sacrifice then wait to respawn by luring the person out of hiding so that my teammate can take them out.

How does this help in TDM? It forces the person in question to respawn and find a new position, which can lead them to being killed repeatedly while attempting to do so.

No one except for you cares about your K/D ratio. What’s more important is your accuracy. Learn to take a chance by keeping a warrior mentality in order to give your team the advantage in the end.

-(~vii~)No Limits
“The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet, notwithstanding, go out to meet it.” – Thucydides

Allow yourself to use all the tools. Allow yourself to know the tactics. Allow yourself to play as fierce as if the game meant your life. You do not have to not have fun while doing it, just keep the mind set.

By not keeping yourself limited, you gain the flexibility to overcome your obstacles. While you are probably not going to be crowned the best person to ever play the game, that is not the objective. No, the objective is to play the best you can and assist your team to victory.

(~4~)Closing Notes
“They were frustrated by what they expected to do and could not do and horrified by what they were sure they would never do and then began to do. They grew to respect and even admire the enemy, but they went on killing him – and took satisfaction from it. They loved and longed for their families but grew to resent and to distrust and to want to punish many at home. They became more and more reliant on their comrades – and then watched them die. They yearned for the end of the war, never realizing that it would truly end for them only years later, when they surrendered the war they had fought to the war civilian society insisted they had fought.” – Gerald Linderman

Many of the things stated are not the most popular and I know that. I was not going in to this with the intention of being popular, I was going in to it to help people get in to the proper mind set. Tools are there to be used, so use them. If you want to limit yourself, then don’t complain when another doesn’t.

I wouldn’t try to build a bike with only a hammer and call someone who uses power tools of all kinds a “noob” since my way is more difficult.

Get out there and get winning, warriors!

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The trouble with tri…I mean noob

Noob [new-ub]: noun, verb, -noobing, or noobed

1. A person who is insufficient in the playing of a game, which results in terrible tactics and inconsistent game play. That noob keeps falling off the building when we try to get to the other side!

-verb(used with object), verb(used without object)
2. To act in a way in which is common to someone who is terrible at playing a game: This dude won’t stop noobing it up!  I just got noobed because he fell on me!

Ah yes…the term “noob”.  It’s been in usage for decades, and no one is exactly sure where it came from.  The problem is, the term has become completely corrupted and the definition twisted.  Why?  Because most people don’t understand what it really means.  A lot of people probably even think the definition is too archaic and not practical anymore.

Many people believe that “noob” is just a form of insult used against someone who is able to beat others with ease.  For instance, one might call a person a “noob” for only using throws in a Street Fighter match and winning, while the one who was beat attempted to pull off twenty or thirty hit combos and still lost.  Another person might call someone a noob for using the ACR in Modern Warfare 2 and getting many kills while they are trying to use a .44Mag in order to snipe across the map to be “Pro”.

The fact is, people who are noobs are the ones crying about the tactics of others and at the same time, can’t counter their tactics.  Who’s the noob?  A person camping a corner and getting 20 kills and 1 death, or the person running around and getting 8 kills and 10 deaths?  Yes, that’s right, the person camping the corner is doing more for their team than the person running around feeding the other team.

Let’s face it: A noob is someone who is new to the game and terrible, or is just terrible at the game to begin with.  I only refer to people as a noob when they keep coming at me the same way and dying.  This goes for FPS as well as fighting games.  If me doing a sweep kick and ONLY a sweep kick gets me the win, then you’re the noob for not knowing how to counter me.  There are no cheap tactics, only insufficient players.

So, come on, people!  Find something else to call someone.  If someone is a noob, then they should be easy to kill and are not a threat.  Don’t call someone a “fireball noob” or an “AK47 noob”, it only makes you look stupid.  Oh, and I don’t mean start referring to them as homosexuals or anything like that.  That’s equally as moronic.

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