New Professional Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament Rules

Mortal Kombat 9, while a gem of a game and incredibly fun, has some base issues which needed to be addressed in order to make it truly tournament ready.  Well, the professionals and basement professionals have spoken, so we now have a full and all inclusive set of rules for all of people who play Mortal Kombat 9 in a tournament as professionals!  With these rules in play, we can expect a fair and balanced game mechanic in play.

Get used to seeing that face!1. All players must play as only Sonya Blade.
– This makes everyone on the field equal in terms of tier.  By only allowing one character to played during the entire tournament, no player can claim their character lost because the other player is using someone who is just simply too over powered.
2. Added level on Enhancement Bar due to first hit to be disabled.
– Just because you were lucky enough to get the first hit in does not mean you should have a further advantage against the other player.  You should rely on your skill as a player to get more advantages in a fair setting and not a game breaking mechanic.
3. Enhanced Moves are banned.
– Moves which are given a bonus and enhanced beyond their original intended use is a crutch.  Your skill should be enough to be sufficient.  Extending the damage through Sonya Blade’s leg grab is cheap and uncalled for.
4. All X-Ray moves are banned.
– X-Ray moves are the biggest crutches and true professionals don’t need to rely on them.  If you are losing, then you are losing because you weren’t good enough to beat the other player without it.  A true professional is good enough to come back on their own without a broken game play mechanic.  True professionals will agree with this rule.
5. All “spamming” is banned.
– Any player caught doing an action more than once in a row against a competitor will immediately be docked half of a win.  Players must rely on skill instead of exploiting the weakness of another player to avoid damage to a specific move.  True professionals do not need to repeatedly perform the same move in order to get a win against a player who does not know how to counter the action.
Winners don't do specials!6. All Special Moves are to be banned.
– Special moves are capable of being spammed, and therefore, are to be banned.  Professional players do not need to rely on filling dead space by using long ranged special attacks.  Since this is to be a fair and balanced fight, players are to do so like civilized people and not with the use of cheap tactics such as throwing energy rings.
7. All Combos are banned.
– Along with the disabling of special moves and spam, combos are banned.  Most combos require multiple button presses hit repeatedly, and this is a cousin to spam.  Hitting a player more than one time is considered spam and a combo.  Professionals are expected to defeat their opponent in a fair and balanced manner.  This also prevents exploitable move sets within Sonya Blade’s programming.  Players cannot claim they were defeated due to cheap tactics and over powered game play.  In addition to this, all throws as banned since they hit more than once and are unblockable.
8. All Time Limits are to be disabled.
– You are expected to defeat your opponent by reducing their health to zero.  This was obviously the way the game was meant to be played, and therefore, all competitors are required to do so.  Matches are expected to last tens of minutes to over a day, so please plan your meal and bathroom breaks accordingly.
9. All Sound will be turned off.
– Tournament players must be allowed to concentrate.  Inappropriate sound cues from other competitors playing can inadvertently distract players during their match and, therefore, must be muted.  All cellphones, pagers, and other devices must be silenced during the tournament as well.  In direct connection to this rule, please play close attention to rule 10.
10. All Trash Talk and Conversations are banned.
– If you are as good as you think you are, then you must prove it in game and not in a childish manner before, after, or during any of the matches.  If a player is caught trash talking to or about another player on tournament grounds, they will be docked a full win.  Any none player attending the tournament is also not allowed to trash talk or praise another player.  This includes not only the competition area, but the bathrooms, dining areas, and immediate area of the tournament, including the parking lots.  Clapping during or after any fights is prohibited!  Additionally, any conversations in the competition area is prohibited!
Too much going on here11. Only The Pit (Night) will be selected without effects.
– Professionals can easily be distracted by shaking effects, flying objects, and foreground objects.  The Pit (Night) provides the least amount of distractions to players so there will be no complaints of losing because a hit did not connect in relation to anything going on with screen effects nor in-game objects.
12. Fatalities are banned.
– Fatalities are rude and disgraceful to your opponent. At the in-game announcement of “Finish Him!”, both player are expected to very quietly and politely remove themselves from the designated are for competitors.  Any other action, including “Stance Dancing” is prohibited and will result in a dock of half of a win for the offending player.  Professionals do not need to attempt to alienate their competition.
13. No Net Code Fixes.
– Knowing many professionals tested their abilities online during a very buggy time in Mortal Kombat 9, we will be providing no net code fixes.  Even though this is an offline tournament, the simple knowledge of a stable net code is enough to distract professionals, which leads to severe anxiety.  This is unacceptable, as we do not expect professional football players to compete under the same set of stressful circumstances. (Thank you to TH3_SYN on the message boards for bringing this to our attention.)

Thank you all for reviewing the newest official global set of Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament Rules.  We are looking forward to seeing you all at the “No Special Move/Enhanced Move/Jumping/Throwing/Dashing/Hyper Move /Ken/Ryu/Sagat Super Street Fighter 4” Tournament!

Posted 6/10/2011 at 4:10 PM on Xanga