Fuck you, Google (s) – Scary stuff!!!!!! (rage)

Do you people read your agreements when allowing an update? Yeah, I know most of you don’t. I wager 99% of people don’t. Most of the time I don’t, either, but when so much attention is given to a company with how in bed they are with the Federal Government, I pay more attention. Today we’re looking at Google.

At this time, I have an android based phone, which is a favorite of Google. Almost every application on my phone requires Google in one way or another. From the Play Store (application download area) to even just watching YouTube on the phone, I need to have Google activated. Well, fuck you, Google, it’s not going to happen. Why? Well, here’s what you allow Google to do with your phone when you allow access to their services. All of the things I am listing is 100% true and I am getting off of my phone since Google won’t stop spam fucking me with “You need to turn this on!” to use my phone. I’ve finally hacked around it.

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid!

This app can access the following data on your device. To improve performance and reduce memory usage, these permissions are available to (Insert Google service) services because it runs the same process as Google Bookmarks Sync, Google Contacts Sync, Google Backup Transport, Google Services Framework and Google Account Manager:

1. Read phone status and identity
—Yes, you grant them the ability to monitor who you are calling, how long, what the status of the connection is, and even monitor your phone conversation as it happens live. Remember, they aren’t your service provider, it’s just Google monitoring you so they can provide information to the NSA.

2. Read instant messages / Write instant messages
—So, not only can they now listen in to and monitor your phone calls, they also have the right to the same information with your text messages. In addition, they can send out texts using your account to anyone on your contact list.

3. Take pictures and videos
—Here you are granting them full rights and access to your camera to use at any time. Think they can’t do it? You’re wrong. They have the ability to do so with your phone since you have it linked to your Google account. They know what phone you have and, from what you’ll see, know exactly where you are when you’re walking around with it.

4. Record audio
—So, not only can they access your camera, they can actively monitor what is being said around you, even outside of a phone call! This allows them to even more discreetly spy on you.

5. Approximate location (network-based) / Precise location (GPS and network-based)
—Yep, you let them know exactly where you are at any time. If your GPS isn’t enabled on android based phones, you can’t even use your weather programs like you could in the past. There is no reason for this to be here.

It only gets more fucked up from here!

6. Modify your contacts / Read your contacts / Read your social stream / Write to your social stream
—Not only can they now know who is listed on your phone, but you give them the right to add, delete and otherwise change those contacts. Think the NSA doesn’t just love this? Also, anything you use in association with your phone, be it Facebook, Twitter, or what-have-you, they can now go in and alter it however they see fit.

7. Activity recognition / Modify your own contact card / Read your own contact card
—Here you are giving them the ability to monitor ANY activity to your phone and give them the right to alter your “contact card” (how other phones associate with you)!

8. Read your web bookmarks and history / Write web bookmarks and history
—Anything you do online through the search program on your phone, you give them the right to track and change. Think this can’t be used for evil? Yeah, prove you aren’t visiting certain sites since they can now change your bookmarks and history however they want. This is how an NSA wet dream starts.

9. Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage / Read the contents of your USB storage
—Holy fucking shit!!!!! Think this isn’t bad? Ever hook up your phone to your computer? Guess what? That computer is recognized as USB storage by the phone! Whenever your computer is hooked up and the phone is on, you are giving Google, and whoever they grant the access to, the right to check out everything on that computer! On top of that, they can add or delete anything on there they don’t like! I’m sure Google wouldn’t mind altering all your searches to default on Google and any government agency is stroking themselves to the thought of being able to check out your computer without a warrant since you’re giving consent to it!

As if the previous stuff wasn’t scary enough!

10. Add or remove accounts / Contacts data in Google accounts / Create accounts and set passwords / Find accounts on the device / Google mail / Read Google service configuration / Use accounts on the device / View configured accounts / YouTube / YouTube usernames
—Yep…any account you have on your device they can change. It doesn’t matter what kind, they can do it.

11. Modify secure system settings / Read sensitive log data / Retrieve system internal state
—There is absolutely no reason for Google to have the right to any of this. If you have anything with Google activated, they can go into your phone, make deep root changes to anything they see fit. Trying to encrypt something on your phone? Well, Google has the right to unencrypted it and then block it. Your phone usage and past history? Yep, they have access to that. Simply turned Google services off? Yep, they can turn it back on. They are also allowed now to see if the phone is on, off, charging, draining, hooked up to a USB, sleeping, reseting, turning off, turning on, and when all the times you did that are.

Think your WiFi is safe? Try again!

12. Change network connectivity / Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi / Download files without notification / Full network access / Receive data from Internet / View network connections / View Wi-Fi connections
—Are you kidding me?! So Google would have the right to disconnect me from my WiFi, bug my phone, monitor and use the network I am connected to, monitor any and all data being used on that network, see who else is connected to that WiFi and check what other WiFi connections would be possible? FUCK YOU!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!! There is no reason you need this!

13. Access Bluetooth settings / Pair with Bluetooth devices
—Aaaaaaand now you’re allowing them to monitor any Bluetooth device in the area and even connect to it! Yes, this means other phones as well!

14. Make app always run / Run at startup
—So, they can not only bug your phone and use it to monitor your entire life, but they can make it so you can NEVER turn it off and it will always run at the startup. Fuck you, Google.

15. Draw over other apps
—You also allow them to make it so an app always runs on top of your phone, which is a way for them to block access to anything else on your phone. Bitchin’.

16. Control vibration / Prevent phone from sleeping
—Oh, so now the phone won’t go into sleep and will always be lit up, which helps prevent applications from turning off? Awesome.

And the fucked up continues!

17. Read sync settings / Read sync statistics / Toggle sync on and off
—-Have Yahoo! programs running? Are you running a different mail program than Gmail? Yep, they can shut that down, check the status of it, and use it to their advantage.

18. Interact across users / Modify system settings / Read subscribed feeds / Retrieve app ops statistics / Send sticky broadcast / Write subscribed feeds
—Oh, and here’s even more “fuck you” to the user. So, you have a feed on Twitter? They can read it and write to it. Have other people on your phone or in your phone plan? Well, they can now monitor them, too. The biggest, “Oh fuck, me!” of this, however, is the fact they can change your system settings. At any time they can go in and change your phone to be whatever they want.

There you have it. Google wants to track your every, precise god damn moment around that phone. Don’t forget, they’re in bed with the NSA and are more than happy to turn over any and all information to them (Google on Offensive over NSA scandal). If you think they’re standing with the people, you’re a fucking idiot.

What you need to do is disable and delete anything associated with Google and KNOX on your android device. If you don’t, then the consequence is on you.

Stop supporting illegals! (A blast from the past)

Many years ago I wrote an article on another site and completely forgot about it. Here is that article, updated with images, for your enjoyment.

I think we can deal…

If you went to that immigration protest on Monday, May 01, 2006, while skipping work then have no respect for this country. I had to miss pay because they wanted to protest our RIGHT to deny illegals from working in this country who have no right to be here to begin with. Some people couldn’t go to a store because those people wanted to whine that you or people you know don’t have the right to be here illegally.

What the hell are you thinking? They don’t have a right to be here, so what makes them honestly believe that they have a right to complain? Leave country since you aren’t supposed to be here to begin with and head straight for all those liberal paradises known as Cuba, Brazil, and North Korea.

Don’t be scared, they actually just suck each other off

Now, of course, people have already started complaining when the fact is brought up the protest did nothing more than hurt a few small businesses. Cars were still washed, gas was still pumped, kitchens still served food, lawns were still mowed, accountants still crunched numbers, cops still arrested people, and lawyers still did what they could for their clients. Oh, but how racist of us to point that out

Racist, huh? Guess what? Mexicans are Caucasian. Oh, snap, I am Caucasian! Gee, not so racist anymore, huh? Mexicans, Indians (from India), those who come from Jerusalem, Iraqis, all those other “browns”, and a group in Asia from the Ainu are also all Caucasian. That makes it, you’re right, not racist.

God forbid anyone want people to come into this country LEGALLY. If a person is not here legally, they have no right to work here. Pretty simple, isn’t it? I don’t care if it’s a Mexican, a Welshman, a Brit, or a Korean. If you’re not here right, you don’t belong here. Guess what? That’s the law. A damn good one, I might add.

Still there are those liberals who believe that illegal migrant workers should get special treatment, but apparently only if they aren’t white. When was the last time you heard anyone protesting to help out illegal Welsh, Scottish, British, or German workers? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Those who are here legally and participated in the protest blow my mind as well. After everything they had to do in order to get a citizenship in this country, they want someone to simply enter in without having to do a damn thing. Uh…excuse me? That’s like getting a job that requires a B.A. degree and five year experiences, then protesting that someone still in high school with no training nor experience get the job as well. I do not think so. These people shouldn’t be supporting the measure.

…and drugs

What’s hilarious is that I’m called a fascist for saying what I did and should be strung up for saying it… That, boys and girls, is called an oxymoron. Look it up if you don’t understand the term and I’m sure those who of you who think the way of those idiots, you don’t know what an oxymoron is.

It’s amazing how many ignorant cry babies think they have a valid opinion and the way to start off a debate is, “You fucking faggot!!! How dare you say that?!!?!” There’s a saying, you know, that goes like this: The less understanding one has, the broader the statements made. Well, the flood of debauchery I’m getting is just that.

Have fun in your closed clique group filled with uneducated, ignorant baboons. You have a right to think what you want, but guess what? That right applies to me as well, so you’ll just have to learn how to deal with it.

Lastly, don’t bother with that “t|-|uG £iFè 4EvR” bullshit, either. It doesn’t scare me and never has. I’m from California and that’s the typical attitude with everyone out there, so it’s not like it’s anything new. This is the Internet, dumb ass, and not face to face.

Well, there you have it. As always, I know I blew your mind and you’ve got something to say.

You Just Got Learned!

I know you enjoyed it.

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