My experience at the DNC (s)

So a “possible plot” to kill Obama was foiled…allegedly. So funny how they won’t say an alleged plot, but they’ll say alleged victim in reference to rape victims. Then again…It was CBS which was doing the reporting, so of course they are going to automatically start the shit storm to protect someone like Obama and point it at the Republicans.

Speaking of the DNC…is it any surprise that the “peaceful” protesters get violent at the drop of a fucking hat? I would have posted this in the Worst Pickup Line thread, but I couldn’t find it.

Being the total asshole I am, I happened by the convention center today while I was in Denver. There was a group of tree huggers outside doing their shouting and whining, and being a general nuisance. I was on my motorcycle, so I was treated with a front row ear full and the louder I cracked my throttle, the more they’d fucking shout at me.

Well, I look over and see a rather good looking tree hugger as I’m waiting for the light. So, I keep my throttle down, pull over a little further and go, “So, you’re all for helping to protected the trees, huh?” She looks over at me and kind of gives me this “what’s the catch” look and says, “Of course we are. Isn’t that important to YOU?” Of course that’s when I spring my punchline on her, “Yes it is. As a matter of fact, I’ve got some wood you can hug.”

That’s when all fucking hell broke loose. I don’t know how these fuckers heard me, but five of them turned to look at me and fucking CHARGED. I didn’t have the light so I made a right turn as quickly as I could. I’m no pussy, but when you have six hundred to one, discretion is the better part of valor.

Posted 8/27/2008 at 11:2 PM on Xanga