About The Writings

I really just like writing random things which come to mind. Most of the things I write about are done so in order to make people laugh, piss them off, or piss them off while laughing…even vice-versa.

Unless something is marked with (s), then it isn’t a real serious post. (s) denotes I’m talking about something without going overboard…at least in my own head.

Every entry should simply be taken with a grain of salt. If you can’t do that, then you need to grow a sense of humor. It’s not my fault you’re a whiny little bitch.

Leave comments. I love them. This thing forces “moderation”, but don’t worry, I will allow your comments as long as they aren’t spam. I’m no fascist and negative comments are just as fun as positive ones. After all, I like owning people who post without thinking. If your comment doesn’t show up right away, it’s only because I haven’t gotten around to approving it yet. Once I have approved one comment from you, you can always post and have it show up right away.
Oh, and a lot of entries have broken images thanks to when Photobucket decided to charge $300 a year to host files you can link to. I moved them over to somewhere else, but I guess I missed a few. Deal with it.


One thought on “About The Writings

  1. I found your website googling “Psychology is Bullshit” (reformed former psychology major here, don’t hold it against me, we all make mistakes…) and man I love it! Love your stuff, great writing, freakin hilarious, and the no-holds-barred approach is awesome! Thanks for the laughs and the lift of spirit (hey, when your entire family berates you daily for not continuing to pursue a masters in psy-crap-o-logy, it’s good to hear a voice of reason!). Cheers!

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