I don’t think I like Game of Thrones anymore…(s)

I don’t know if I want to keep watching Game of Thrones…

I mean…it’s one thing to throw convention to the wind and have the balls to kill off characters, but when you KEEP DOING IT…well, then it’s stupid.

At the end of season 5 (which would be the 3rd book) all except for like…one character is left from the start of the story, and not even a likable one. It’s a character you’d consider a major “bad guy” in the political intrigue part of it all, and she’s probably going to get killed here soon, anyway, too. Well, okay, “Dany” is still around and she’s not unlikable and Tyrion is awesome.

So, at this point, George R. R. Martin has been getting people to invest in characters through three books, which are literally six inches thick with a size of being 5″x7″(!!!!) and saying, “Yeah, we’re starting over with new characters who have been active in what’s going on, but you just didn’t know about them.” and I’m going, “Why should I give a fuck?”

Each episode is about 45min long without the flashback and credits, and each season is 10 episods long. There are 5 seasons. So, now, at this point, I’ve gone 37.5hrs with the charaters and it’s like, “Fuck you.”

So, more than likely, I won’t be watching season 6. Except for the constant floppy dick images and tit shots, I don’t know why this has such a huge fan base still.

***typed with two chihuahua puppies in my lap

2 thoughts on “I don’t think I like Game of Thrones anymore…(s)

  1. Season 5 roughly covered books 4 and 5, not book 3, which was broken up over seasons 3 and 4.

    We still have at least half of the Stark children alive, so I think we still have a fair amount of characters that we’ve known since season 1 running around.

    But I’ll agree that season 5 was a rough season for nearly everyone, except for maybe the Boltons. A few seasons ago, things had looked like everything was coming up roses for the Lannisters, until the shoe dropped on them, so we can hope something similar happens to the Flayed Men.

    But I respect your position that if the show is not working for you, to stop watching. It’s not for everyone. It is for me, though.

    • Ahaaaa, okay then! I’ll give Season 6 a chance. Never read the books, but I am sure they are amazing if the show is done with such care.

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