Times are Changing

Times are changing. Yes they are. Did you know that? Do you know that? Even if you did, how can you be so sure of it? Of anything? Things are changing, that means the only thing for certain is uncertainty. The problem with that is with one thing being certain, which is uncertainty, even uncertainty is uncertain. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Yeah, I know it does.

With the times being so uncertain, you can’t go about doing things the way you used to. Things are starting to be different now. So different, you have to think different about different. It’s not going to be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. Just keep reminding yourself how this isn’t Bizzaro World, and you’ll be okay. Breath deep, count your fingers, and try to relax. If you can learn how to adapt, how to deal, how to change yourself, you can once again learn how to live a normal life.

But what will normal be in these changing times? Who knows? Change always brings about growing pains, and pains bring about hurt. Hurt, in turn, breeds discontent and discontent always ushers in change. So, when you consider it all, change brings about change. It’s deep and moving all at the same time. Not shallow and standing still like the Transportation Safety Administration. What a bunch of losers that bunch is. You can’t even crack jokes about them anymore because they’ll threaten you with charging you with a federal offense…like, seriously! Look it up. Muslims, however, are allowed to bypass the screening. Makes sense, eh?

Those last remarks are just a sampling of the changes in times. It’s not just things in all of this change, but time as well. Think you understand time? Think you have a handle on your time? HA! HA, I say again! Time is constantly changing. Do you know what time it is? Nope! In the time you were going to say something, it changed! Time and times changing is something which can’t be stopped…and you’re a powerless whelp in the face of it!

Change is changing for change sake. No other reason. Nothing can change the change except for change changing it. Since change is certain, even change is changing that. You’ve been warned!


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