40 things 90’s and later kids won’t have memories of

Kids from the 90’s won’t know a lot of things…hell even late 80’s kids, which actually makes them 90’s kids. These are the things I remember from the 80’s and 90’s almost all of the people who read this won’t. I was born right in 1980, and realize somethings will just go the way of the dodo.

  1. Waiting two to five years for a movie to come out on VHS

  2. Knowing what the anagram V.H.S. stands for

  3. SNL was fresh, funny, and inventive

  4. Tolerance meant something could still piss you off

  5. Mullets were fashionable

  6. A “long time” meant a minimum of two hours when waiting and in reference to an even it meant it was more than just three years ago!

  7. Action figures were awesome

  8. Getting ONE videogame for Christmas was a huge deal due to cost

  9. Looking through “Wish List Catalogs” was how you found things you wanted for Christmas

  10. Having used a payphone

  11. Knowing why we say “roll down the windows”

  12. Thundercats weren’t anorexic

  13. Talking on a LAN line

  14. Knowing what the sound of a modem is

  15. Sears, JC Penny, and similar retailers selling firearms because it used to be America

  16. Using a GameGenie

  17. Being jealous someone had a PowerGlove

  18. Camping was a treat and not a punishment

  19. Not having to do a Constitutional violation called a 4473 firearm form nor background check

  20. Remembering USSR as a place on the map, not a place in history

  21. The band The Cure who was never called “Emo” nor “Goth”

  22. Gasoline cost $0.98 for 91 Octane

  23. Gas stations would still ask if you wanted “regular or unleaded”

  24. Denny’s was actually delicious

  25. Nintendo and Sega were bitter rivals to the point it was shocking to see Sonic on a Nintendo system

  26. Computers were super fast when a 75MHrz Pentium 1 came out with a 36.6KBps modem

  27. HTML was used to make printers understand how you wanted a document to look when it was printed

  28. Riding around on Big Wheels

  29. You didn’t get suspended for fighting against a bully and it was actually encouraged

  30. If you didn’t listen to your parents, the cops would suggest they whip your little ass

  31. The reason the “dial” icon on a cell phone looks the way it does is because of the old handsets from LAN lines

  32. There were areas where houses weren’t developed and you could go out to shoot, hike, or fish without getting in trouble, none of which were located in the national forests

  33. You didn’t have to pay to stop in national forest areas (fuck you, California)

  34. Tight high-water pants weren’t considered gay

  35. Neon colors were “tubular”

  36. You used the term “tubular” correctly and with gusto

  37. Having watched Max Headroom and liking it

  38. Voltron actually made sense

  39. MTV only had music videos

  40. People socialized by actually hanging out in the same room and talking to each other without electronics!!!!!

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