Trevor Belmot suspended from Castlevania amid controversial statements

Trevor Belmont, the current patriarch of the Belmont family and high ranking member to the Brotherhood of Light, has been suspended from Castlevania by Konami after allegations of hate speech.

During an interview with the Monster Hunter Monthly, Trevor Belmont was asked a few questions regarding his personal beliefs as a monster hunter. The interviewer asked Trevor Belmont what he thought was the biggest, most sinful monster he recently had slain was. Trevor Belmont responded with the following:

That’s a tough one, but let’s start with the witches and branch out from there to the vampires. Let’s not forget about the flea-men going around jumping on this guy, and that guy, and the next guy, and some lady. They’re annoying as hell.

Then there’s the fishmen… I don’t know how anyone can look at those things and think they’ve got more to offer than a pike! I mean, a pike has delicious meat to eat. A fishman is nothing but bones!

Lastly, I think we can all agree a dog is a lot more of a suitable pet than a warg or a werewolf. The warg is going to eat your family completely and a werewolf just wants to spread his sin all over the place.

The Order of Ecclesia, a civil rights group filled with those who practice magic and other witchcraft, had received notice of Trevor Belmont’s statement and immediately began their retaliatory remarks, speaking out against him.

It’s terrible a member of the Belmont family would spout off such ignorant and hate filled statements! Comparing us to vampires…the nerve! Implying that we suck the bodily juices from our victims out of their neck while turning them into a demon spawn, forced to live in darkness…inconceivable! We’re witches! We turn people into toads, lizards, and the like. If we need bodily juices, we either seduce it out of the men we target or we drain it out of cuts we make ourselves with silver daggers.

Even though more than 60% of the population of Wallachia agrees witches, and everything else Trevor Belmont listed, are evil, that hasn’t stopped Konami from removing Trevor Belmont from all future Castlevania games at this time. Still, this hasn’t stopped Konami from releasing multiple titles already developed for sale with Trevor Belmont making appearances in them. Konami has also slated a new game, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, to release with Trevor Belmont making multiple appearances.

When asked about the hypocrisy, Konami had this to say:

It’s terrible Trevor Belmont would say such hate filled things. However, we are going to keep the current games released and will release the future game with no changes. Why? Because reasons. Mostly money. He makes us money. We aren’t above raking in the tons of cash he has provided to us and we will continue to ride that boat until it sinks!

Konami would not answer any further questions.

The Order of Ecclesia was not the only one to speak out against Trevor Belmont. When several confused individuals sent out tweetie birds filled with tiny messages tied to their feet, one of Wallachia’s best known trolls, Manpox, began catching and eating the birds. He then sent messages back to the people who sent them. One such message Manpox sent out was the following:

Personal beliefs aren’t personal when you say them out loud! Does that make sense? Of course not, but I don’t care!

When large numbers of people began speaking out against his limited understanding on what happened, he simply began ignoring them…but kept eating the birds. When asked what he thought was going on, Manpox told us the following:

People have the freedom to say what they want, but if you say what I don’t agree with, them I’m going to rip out your entrails, sit on your chest, and shit in the cavity! I will continue to ignore people giving me facts. I will only send out copies of people agreeing with me! Also, blow me.

Manpox would not give us further information, and instead, started screaming we were Wiccaphobians, hated Wallachia, and then began to fling his own feces in our direction. Needless to say, we beat a hasty retreat.

All of this begs the question: When does personal belief equal a right to be fired from your job? Trevor Belmont is known as someone with firm beliefs and even in game has stated his distaste for those who hunt in the night. Why now, then, is this suddenly an issue? Unlike Trevor’s distaste for vampires in the games, it’s simply because he made claim against a different group of people…a group of people who hex those who don’t toe-the-line with their special interest. No one is upset over Trevor’s statements about flea-men, wargs, or anything else. They’re simply upset about the comment about witches. Witches have been pressing for special rights for years now, demanding equal treatment, but then screaming how unfair it is when they are treated as poorly as everyone else.

Trevor Belmont had this to say in conclusion:

Am I going to stop this? No. I am a warrior for the Brotherhood of Light. We are a quasi-Christian based organization. I am a Christian myself. We’re tasked to take out creatures and people who worship the darkness. It’s our job! People are acting like this is an attack on people rather than the murderous and sinful life style itself. Everyone keeps forgetting I married a magic user . My wife, Sypha, her maiden name was Belnades, is an amazing mage. Hell, I even let a Devil Forgemeister go because he was a decent person. It’s the person and what they choose to do, not the title itself.

I’m going to keep spreading my message all over the place. This is nothing new to Konami. They wanted to do a series based on my family for a reason.

All members of the Belmont family, including Gabriel Belmont, controversial in his own right, have begun to discuss if they are going to continue doing the game series at all after the release of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. Unlike Monster Hunter Monthly, we never feel people are “too free to speak their mind” and will continue to fight fascism in all its forms.


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