My wants for next generation gaming (s)

Okay, the next generation of gaming consoles is nearly upon us. I know this entry may be a little late, but there are still a lot of things we don’t know concerning the next generation of consoles. Well, we know the PS4 has higher specs than the XBox One and seems to focus on the games. We also know Microsoft decided to drop the DRM bullshit, but took away the family game sharing out of spite. Fuck Microsoft. However, fuck Sony as well, and I will explain later.

Okay, back on track. The focus of this entry is going to be about a few things I really hope get implemented into this generation of gaming. Honestly, the things I’m listing aren’t hard to do and have been proven to be viable in games. It may slow some games for release, but not every game needs to have absolutely every single one of these.

Since you people out there on the Internet seem to love lists for some stupid reason, here’s a list of the things I want to see.

1. Character creation in my games
There are a lot of games out there which implement this already and it needs to start becoming a standard in games. I’d even absolutely go bat shit crazy if I could use the console’s webcam in order to take my picture and have it translate, the best it could, my likeness into the character creation.

I mean, how many other people out there sit there and attempt to make a reasonable likeness of ourselves for the character? I’m guessing there is somewhere between a butt and ass ton. Those are scientific measurements, by the way. How freaking awesome would it be to have the game take the picture, recognize certain features, and then use its in game creation engine to make a character? If we didn’t like it, we could take another picture and/or even fine tune it afterwards. Not to mention, we could always start from scratch or from an already established character.

An even greater part of this would be the ability to change all or most of the characters who’d be joining the group as well. I understand many games, especially recent RPGs, would have an unbelievable amount of characters which would take a long time to alter or create. That’s where the option to simply allow the designer’s default creation to stand would come in. I certainly would be overly joyed if I could make a character in my image, and then have my fiancee’s likeness also in the game. I already do this when I can.

Now that would be the future of character creation. Not to mention, games just seem to be more immersible when we create our own character. Whether it’s an image of ourselves or some crazy creation we’ve made, it makes the game so much more personable. Almost every game can benefit from this, and with the processing power of the new consoles, this is totally possible.

Scales of Justice are blind, but we are not2. Moral alignments based on action and not presets
As we all know, things aren’t black and white. There’s a lot of gray and even more shades of those gray between the black and white. So why is it when I play games such as inFamous my moral alignment is based on the mission presets and my powers are dictated by it as well? Shouldn’t I be good or bad based on my continued actions? Why are my powers limited by my moral choice?

In new games all the powers should be available to a character and how they use them should determine if I become good or evil. For instance, if I select an ability resembling a force choke, but I use it to only knock out or kill the people who warrant it, then that doesn’t make me evil. I shouldn’t have to be evil in order to get that power, either. If I choose a healing power and use it to help my criminal cohorts, but not the general public, am I really being good? Why would I have to be good in order to get that power? After all, there are doctors who only help out people in the mafia and use it as a source of incredible income.

Also, moral alignments shouldn’t be based off an action in general. I remember playing Neverwinter Nights with my best friend on a module a while back. Basically what happened was we were on a server which had alignment shifting and he was a paladin. We took a quest in which a character had been kidnapped and we were supposed to rescue her. When we arrived, the module ran the script and told us she was inside screaming for help as the person was about to kill her. My best friend chose to break in the door and he was shifted toward chaotic. Why? That doesn’t make any sense, especially when there was no other option on how to get in and there was an immediate threat. It would have been more chaotic not to act in that situation. If a cop hears someone screaming for help, is it chaotic for them to bust in and save them? No, it’s not.

So, in the new generation, I want to see moral alignments reflect how I’m playing the game. If I am randomly destroying things, then I expect to be shifted accordingly, but my powers shouldn’t be limited to that alignment. The same goes if I am doing good things. I also want to see that gray area being used. If I am being like Superman and hurling cars at an enemy to protect the town, then I don’t want to be labeled simply as evil. Come on, designers! Make the citizens decide and react accordingly!

Let me choose how to play!3. Custom mapping of the controller
I already did a write up detailing the annoying limitation of not being able to customize the controls on a game, but it needs to be brought up again. Consoles are becoming more and more PC like, so there is no excuse for this.

Why is button customization limited to fighting games these days? I’ll tell you why: Laziness on the developer’s part. There is no excuse for them to not allow me to remap my controller in order to play comfortably. Even back on the SNES we could remap the controls, so don’t try and give me the “It’s too complicated!” bullshit answer.

I cannot stand having to relearn every game developer’s controls, especially when they’re in the same genre. Playing CoD and then want to play Borderlands 2? Good luck, man, because the controls are totally different and you can’t change it to match what you’re used to. Oh, sure, there’s a limited array of other presets, but you’ll never have it set to exactly how you’re used to. Now want to play Battlefield 3? Well, you may as well let the developers stick their middle finger up your asshole, because you have to relearn another control layout!

This is completely unacceptable. I shouldn’t have to be handicapped by the developer’s ideas on what the best controller layout is. I know what’s best for my enjoyment of the game control is and not you.

Can you imagine if a fighting game came out and Capcom decided you had a choice of three button configurations, but not customization? One of the layouts would be the two far right face buttons as your hard attack on one, but on the other two, your hard attack would be the bottom left for one and the top right hat button for the other. Wouldn’t you be pissed? Well, they know how the control should be and you don’t, right? No…stop this shit and let me change my controls!

4. No online required trophies/achievements for Platinum/Master
Don’t get me wrong. I like the whole trophy and achievement thing. What I don’t like…hell, it pisses me right the fuck off, actually…is having to go online to get the final one. Why do I have to play 100 games of X in order to get Y so I can complete it all and get Z? NO! NO!! NO!!!

I’m sick and tired of having all except for some of the online trophies/achievements and never going to be able to get the Platinum/Master because it’s impossible for me to do the online requirements! I don’t want to have to win fifteen battles in a row against online opponents! I don’t want to have to knife 600 people and never use a gun over the course of 90 games! I’ve done everything else, give me the god damn reward!

How is this fixed? RUN TWO SEPARATE TROPHIES/ACHIEVEMENT LISTS! Have one for single player and one for multiplayer. Games which are a multiplayer focus, such as Battlefield should have multiplayer required trophies/achievements, because that’s what the game is about. I don’t expect to get a platinum by playing the single player on such a game, but I should be able to get something for doing it.

I shouldn’t be penalized for not going online and facing the horrible, horrible online community, especially in fucking fighting games. Those are the worst. If there are going to be rewards, then I should get the trophy for completing the single player 100% and not be bitch slapped for not doing the online portion as well.

There’s also the annoying fact a lot of games don’t have players on certain portions of the multiplayer, so you will never, and I mean never, be able to achieve those trophies/achievements. This is a huge source of annoyance, especially when you get the game later in the life cycle.

5. Dedicated servers and not Peer-2-Peer!!!!!!!!!!
For the love of god, give us dedicated fucking servers, you assholes! Unless you are connected to a friend, Peer-2-Peer gaming is the shit which diarrhea shits out!

Anyone who is anyone in the gaming community knows when it comes to multiplayer, dedicated servers are the king. Servers are moderated, cheaters can be kicked/banned, whining bitches get removed, you can leave if the team sucks or there’s a cheater, you don’t lag as bad and all kinds of customization options. When you go Peer-2-Peer you get NONE of that.

Peer-2-Peer gaming only gives you terrible lag, cheaters, and, usually, the inability to avoid the idiots you wanted to. I cannot tell you how many god damn times I have been playing Far Cry 3 multiplayer only to have either the host or a cheater just destroying the team and not be able to connect to anyone else. What the fuck is with this? Players should only be at a disadvantage because of poor skill, not poor connections and cheaters!

We know it’s already possible to have dedicated servers in the PS3/X360 era because Battlefield 3 does this! Why are companies forcing the shitty ass Peer-2-Peer on us? Because, just like the remapping of game controls, it’s laziness. It’s so much easier to just slap up a mess of netcode for Peer-2-Peer than it is to allow dedicated servers. This needs to change.

6. Don’t charge me for online gaming
I’m already paying for the fucking Internet, so stop charging me for playing online!   You want another $60 a year after I’ve paid over $500 for your console in order to play with my friends?  FUCK YOU!

This is one of the ultimate bullshits in console gaming today.  You must continue to pay them after you buy their shit in order to play online.  If you don’t, then you aren’t going to be playing multiplayer, and if you really want that Platinum/Master trophy, you’re fucked otherwise.  When I’m not playing an MMO pay-to-play game, then I shouldn’t be charged a god damn monthly fee to play it!

To further the bullshit, we don’t have dedicated servers, so there’s nothing to maintain. This is where I tell Sony, “FUCK YOU!”  Oh, and I have…multiple times.  Check their Twitter feed and their YouTube page.  I’ve let it be known.  Unless you all rise up like you did against MicroSuck, then we are going to see this kind of fascist business model continue.  Think this is the end the charges we’ll see in the future?  You wish!

Hell, even in this current generation MicroFuckYou is charging people that $60 a year in order for them to watch their $8 a month Netflix.  Why Netflix is even continuing support through M$ is beyond me.  Think that won’t happen on the PS4?  Fat chance.  Something tells me it’s going to be required.  FUCK YOU, SONY!

I am seriously thinking about just jumping the console ship and getting a new gaming PC.

7. A Duke Nukem reboot
**REDACTED* Anthony Burch does not know how to write a manly character and seems to hate them. He is also highly offensive to any person who brings up the slightest bit of criticism. He is a blotch on Gearbox Software and I will not buy another game from them until he is no longer affiliated with the company.

And I want Anthony Burch to be at least the head writer, if not writing it all himself. I get people out there think Duke Nukem is trash, but that’s because they only got a taste of Duke Nukem: Forever. The game isn’t trash, it’s just not great.

What most of you virgins out there don’t understand is how great Duke Nukem used to be. Think of all the great things about Borderlands 2. That’s how awesome Duke Nukem was. After all the hell the game was put through, I’m surprised Gearbox was even able to piece any of it together.

The thing I find most strange is how much people like Borderlands 2, but I have a feeling a very large number of the gamers who play it don’t get most of the references anyway. What Gearbox has an opportunity to do with Duke Nukem is completely reboot it and have it reference current memes/pop culture. Duke deserves an incredible game to come back to, and with the right treatment (not the Aliens one), it could be one of the greatest games ever.

While I may not like Anthony Burch much on a personal level as I don’t agree with most of his personal politics, the guy is one of the funniest and most creative writers in the industry. Hell, he may be even the best and his talents are desperately needed in the Duke Nukem franchise. Come on, Burch…let’s see a new Duke game!

Well, there it is. Turns out to be a list of seven. Didn’t know how many things I was thinking about at the time, so that’s a surprise.

Anyway, if you have any other things you’d like to see in the new generation, go ahead and leave comments about it.

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