Actual customer complaints (s)

Customers…they like to think they’re always right, but fact is, they hardly ever are.  Let’s face it, here in America the customer has been taught terrible lessons, and as such, has developed into a whiny ass bitch who will step on you and lie in order to get what they want.  Doesn’t matter if what they say is true or not, they’re going to say it in hopes of not only getting their original goal, but something extra on top.  The American consumer is a worthless, annoying dipshit who needs to be spanked every so often.

Well, here are some actual customer complaints about different companies.  You can’t make these up!  Listed is the actual complaint, complete with original mistakes, and then below it I will place my comments about the idiot.

Company: Joann Fabrics and Craft
Source: Joann Fabric – fabric and manager

Actual Complaint:
I bought fabric for a friend to create a princess dress for my 4 year old daughter.After washing it 1 time almost all the glitter was gone!

She took the dress into the store and was told she washed it incorrectly (false). They told her to come back the next day to talk to the store manager. She went back, with the dress in hand (with no receipt) and he proceeded to tell her the SAME thing and there was nothing he could do and to come back in 2 days. The 3rd time, I went with her with the dress, receipt, and my 4 year old.

Tha manager looked at the receipt (I had spent $100.00 in the store) and would NOT give us a $20.00 refund for the ruined fabric only store credit. He said he could only give us cash if he kept the dress. My 4 year old was shocked and we were as well. We said we had to try and “fix” the dress the best we could, took the store credit and walked around for 30 minutes trying to decide what we could add to the dress to try and make it princess like again.

Not only did NO ONE ever apologize for the poor fabric, NO ONE offered to help make it right. After we spend the store credit I will NEVER return to Joann’s|.

Poor product is one thing, bnut lousy customer service is another..I will take my busimness elsewhere!

My Response:
So…this idiot is upset she washed a fabric she shouldn’t have and then was told the store had to keep the fabric in order to give her a refund?  What…the…fuck?  I mean, seriously?  What store do you know allows you to be upset about a product, get a refund, and keep the product at the same time?  I sure as hell don’t know of any.

Not to mention, it sounds like the manager even broke some rules by giving her a credit to begin with…and even allowed her to keep the outfit!  What a cunt.  I’m sure they’re grateful you aren’t ever going back.

Company: Macy’s
Source: Rude Know-It-All Sales Lady

Actual Complaint:
I recently lost quite a bit of weight and needed a new bra, so I went to the new Macy’s in the City Creek Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. I wear a bra everyday, so I want one that’s going to last a while, function properly, feel good, and not pay $200 for it. I had recently been in the Macy’s at the Lakeline Mall in Austin, Texas and was fitted for a bra there, but did not purchase anything. I decided to use that measurement to buy a new bra. The sales lady was kind of pushy when she came over to me, but I thought nothing of it because this is retail. I asked about wireless, and she showed me the available selections. I asked about strapless wireless, and she got real snotty and told me there was no such thing. I told her I’d seen it in Austin, Texas. She snapped that maybe there was such a thing, but not through Macy’s. I informed her it was at Macy’s that I saw it, and she got real huffy. When I went to try them on, she seemed to hang around in the dressing room while I (and two other women) were trying things on. She was constantly talking to us. Awkward! She kept trying to get me to let her fit me for a bra, but I kept telling her I’d already been fitted. Eventually, I decided to buy two (one beige in one style and one beige in another style) and was then told it was a buy 2 get 1 free sale, so I got a white in one of the styles I’d originally wanted to purchase. The sales lady seemed to rush me through the sales process, and then almost shoved me down the escalator”.

During the week, I found the band size to be too small!. It dug into my skin, leaving deep indentions,. One day almost broke skin/. So, the next Saturday, I was back at the mall to exchange them|. One I had worn for two days and was sure I could not exchange or return.. The other two had only been worn for two hours or not at all,. The same woman who had sold me the bras was the woman I dealt with this time again. She was all bright and cheery when I walked up to the counter, but when I told her I was exchanging the items she got stone-faced and bitchy real fast. She kept saying she could not take them back because the tags were removed. Yes, but I still had them. I take home my purchases, and put them away. I don’t leave the tags on until they are worn, but I do keep them for the first month after purchase just in case. Then she started talking about how if I had been fitted, I wouldn’t have needed to exchange the items in the first place. I HAD been fitted, ten days before I bought the items. She said there was a hair on one of them: it was black and long (like her hair) whereas mine is pixie and red. Not my problem. Then she said she’d do me a favor and exchange them, but that she couldn’t do it again because the three bras were not able to be put back on the racks because of wear and tear. One of them had never been worn! She kept going on and on. Then she said if I had a Macy’s card, it might be different. I don’t want a credit card, thank you very much. She got real huffy and kept interrupting me as I explained why I was exchanging the bras. When she started talking and said something wrong, I’d try to correct her. At one point, she snapped, “Don’t interrupt me.” Excuse me? You interrupted me plenty! I finally got away after she made a note in the computer and wrote all over my receipt that she would not take these bras back a second time. How rude and uncivilized. Especially in the lingerie department!

She was rude the first time, and then rushed me out of the store. She was very rude (even bitchy) the second time, tried to guilt me into leaving with my original merchandise, tried to guilt me into getting a Macy’s card, and then reamed me a new one with a lecture about how if SHE had been the one to fit me then this all wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

Seriously, Macy’s? If this is how you treat customers without a Macy’s card just because I don’t want a credit card, then I definitely won’t shop there every again. I can get just as bad of service for cheaper prices elsewhere, or better service. I don’t need to be talked to like an errant child.

(all information such as the woman’s name, receipt information, and merchandise details can be provided as needed, since I’ve kept the tags and receipt and made sure to get the woman’s name)

My Response:
…good god.  Bitch wrote a wall of text!  My response won’t be as long, don’t worry.

You know, I may not be as expert on wearing bras as I am unhooking them with two fingers, I do understand something about this.  First off…no shit a different brand is going to fit differently.  It’s the same fucking thing as shoes!  I don’t tell someone I know my size in shoes and just buy them without trying them on.  Why would someone think all bras fit the same?

Also…why the hell would you think something very cheap is going to “…last a while, function properly…” and “…feel good…”?  That’s like saying I want a fast car, with great gas mileage, is cheap, and very reliable!  It’s just not going to happen!

Every god damn clothing store you go into is going to have someone sitting outside your dressing room making you try extra shit on until you finally get fed up and tell them to stop.  It’s their corporate policy to do that.  Don’t like it?  Write a god damn letter to corporate telling them to knock it off.  Chances are they won’t give a shit, but with enough people complaining something will be changed.

Now for the interrupting part…if you weren’t such an insufferable and annoying bitch you wouldn’t have been interrupted as much.  I know I don’t let people continue talking to me in a snarky tone.  You do need to be spoken to like an errant child because you act like one.

Source: Toy R us doesn’t exchange mistaken game

Actual Complaint:
I just bought my son’s birthday gift Super Mario that he was asking for long time.

But when he put it into the Wii, it showed invalid disk”. Then we found out this disk was for the new Wii machine Wii U that we didn’t know about before!. I went back to the store and want to change the game to the version that work for the old kind of Wii.. The manager refused to change it because the game was opened’.

And she said somebody just copy the game.. I asked what can I do with the disk if I didn’t have the new machine/. She said she would like to sell me a new machine?.

I was speech less?.My feeling was I would not buy stuff in that store any more.

My Response:
*sigh*  These are same type of parents who want video games banned…  This person is so out of the loop they don’t even know what video game system they have.

Just because someone claims to not have the system doesn’t mean they didn’t copy it.  This is common practice with retailers who sell video games: if it’s open software, you can’t return it.  Get a god damn brain, dumb bitch.

Well…that’s about all I can stand at this moment.  The moral of the story is to shut the fuck up.  You aren’t smart and you aren’t right.

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