Women: Games are more interesting than most of you

Okay, time to face it, ladies.  Video Games are simply more interesting, entertaining, and satisfying than most of you are.  Additionally, they aren’t nearly as difficult to control and master, either.  To most guys, video games are a great escape from your nagging, whining, and bickering as well.  Notice how i said “most” in regards to the men and women.  Ignore that and get mad if you want, that’ll make the rest of this entry all that much more fun.

You see, men have the annoying responsibility of juggling finance/career decisions/hobbies with spending time with you.  I don’t know a single woman out there that likes competition, especially when it’s with something that isn’t flesh and blood.  I sure know that my girlfriend doesn’t.  The moment I start working on projects which don’t include her, such as my animations or getting ready for range practice, she is all over me for more attention than I already pay to her.  We’re talking about a girl who I have spent all except for nine days in four months with, between four and twenty four hours a day with almost full focus on her.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the attention and she isn’t needy.  It just gets a little frustrating when I need to do something for an hour or two which doesn’t directly involve her.  She’s generally present while I’m working on my little projects, so it’s not like I shut myself away.  That’s it for my little side rant.

As a man we’re expected to be some kind of love story perfect hero who is handsome, protective, loving, all knowing, and financially stable individual who treats a woman with chivalry, all the while the woman gets to act however she chooses because that’s her right.  After all, she isn’t a maid or a slave, damn it.  Right?  Wrong.  Well, that is right, but it’s not realistic.

In video games, it’s an escape.  There the individual gets to be a real hero, or anti-hero, and go on grand adventures doing impossible feats.  In the video games, the women generally act like the stereotypical girl and is appealing because of this.  It’s one of the perfect escape from reality, and this poses as a threat to a lot of women out there.

Here’s the truth: If your man has his hands more on the controller than on you, then the video game/s is/are just more interesting than you are to him.  Sex might be important to a man, but let’s face it, if you aren’t interesting and your faults are outweighing your positives, then it’s time to move on.  I’ll even admit to this being me at times.  There are times when I don’t even want to talk to my girlfriend for an hour or two and just play my games.  It’s a hobby and it’s fun.  At that moment, they are just more interesting than she is.  If she walked in front of my screen completely naked and ready to go at that moment, I’d probably tell her, “Babydoll, just give me about ten minutes or so and I can save it!” instead of just pausing it or dropping the controller.

Most women I run into, including the girlfriends of friends or wives of people I know, just aren’t as interesting or fun as Grand Theft Auto, Epic Mickey or Donkey Kong Country Returns.  They might be fun or exciting for a while, but the games just keep giving back more than what the woman is offering in long term.  Not to mention, over the course of a year, the video games will be cheaper as well.

Either get more interesting, or learn to play video games with your guy…which in turn makes you more interesting.  I’m lucky enough to have a girl who games enough to play with me and when she isn’t, she has fun watching me play and gets into it.  She might not be super competitive or very good at most games, but she makes an effort and has a blast when she does, which makes her all the more endearing to me.

Posted 1/14/2011 at 1:57 AM on Xanga

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