Taking things away doesn’t mean choice, you idiots

I’m watching TV and see this advertisement about what a good job some companies or something are doing.  The advertisement talks about how soft drink manufacturers have removed soda vending machines from schools, effectively cutting soda calorie intake (as if it’s different from like…beef calorie intake…) by 88%.  This, in their words, helps students make healthier decisions.
No, it doesn’t.  Taking things away doesn’t mean you’re going to make better choices.  For instance, what would happen if Home Town Buffet decided to take away all meat except for chicken and you’re told it’s there to help you make healthier choices while at their buffet?  What if McDonald’s said they are only going to serve their salads and parfaits, telling you that they are helping you make a healthier decision off of their menu?

The lack of choice does not equate to better choice.  The lack of choice equates to, oh, I don’t know, maybe NO CHOICE.  If I can’t buy a soda at a school, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to buy a soda…it just means that I’m not going to buy a soda a school.  If I can’t buy a Whopper at Burger King, then I’m going to buy a Famous Star at Carl’s Jr.  I’m going to go where I want to get what I feel like, or at least as close as possible to what it is that I want.  Hell, one day the lines were so long at the fast food restaurants that I literally bought the ingredients myself and used my George Foreman Grill and made bomb ass burgers.  Guess what?  They were probably higher in calorie count than if I had gotten them at a fast food restaurant.  They were large and juicier, too.  Did the lack of ability to get them out at a fast food place make me decide not to have a burger?  Fuck no.  The only real difference is I didn’t make any fries because I didn’t feel like cutting up the potatoes.
The actual way to do things is either through real education and parenting.  If you teach people and show them how to make the right choices, then they will.  Just like you educate a child on how to cross the road.  Sure, you can’t always be there to help them do it, especially when they grow up, but you most certainly don’t suggest that all the roads be removed in order to make sure your child always goes to the house across the way safely each time.  It isn’t up for you to decide in what way a person makes the decision.  You don’t take away the ability for people to chose and claim you’re going it to help them make a better CHOICE.  Does no one else see the idiocy in this?!  Lord knows that I sure as hell do.
Sadly, this is how things are going, though.  Some people *coughs “Marxists” coughs “Communists” coughs “Liberals” coughs* are convinced we should protect people from themselves.  Obviously, I don’t agree with that.  People are a result of their own choices and decisions in life where their eating habits are concerned.  No one forces you to eat a Big Mac and no one forces you to eat a salad…at least not yet.  It isn’t up to you to decide how and when I or anyone else should be allowed to eat a fried chicken sandwich.

What makes you think that you have the right to dictate another person’s eating habits anyway?  I’m all for living healthy.  I’m all for working out and performing exercise.  Yes, it does disgust me when I walk into a fast food restaurant and see a family of fats chowing down and sweating while they horde it into their gullets.  No, I do not think that the place should be closed because a few morons want to kill themselves slowly through food intake!

You’re going to die when you’re going to die.  There is nothing you can do about that.  You can improve the way your life is where your health is concerned while you’re going about your life, but it isn’t up to me to decide if you do that or not, nor is it your right to do so.  So go ahead and eat your whey, your tofu, and work out until you pass out.  While you do that, I just may suck down ten heart attack burgers, smoke my cigars, and drink whiskey like a fish drinks water.  When I’m on my death bed, they’ll say one thing among many: That son of a bitch knew how to live and how to party!

Posted 4/13/2010 at 8:4 PM on Xanga

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