Personal fashion…it doesn’t exist

New 2011 style you must wear!

Let’s face it there’s really no such thing as “fashion” or “style”.  Go into any retail or clothing store and everyone is selling the exact same thing.  Macy’s sells the same ugly crap as JCPenny, which sells the same disgusting fits as Dillards, which sells the same shirts as Eddie Bauer.  When you do find exceptions to this, the stores are so overly priced or “stylized” that you either can’t afford what’s being sold, or would never be seen wearing outside a Paris runway.  Oh, and don’t get me started on those stupid fashion shows featuring clothing that not even someone at a sci-fi convention would wear.

When one store decides to sell a ton of thermal style shirts, every store is selling the thermal style shirts.  A “refashion” on denim in at Macy’s will be reflected at every other major retailer at the same time.  Should you happen to see a “crazy jacket” at Dillards, rest assured that you’ll see the same type of jacket over at JCPenny.

No, the terms “fashion” and “style” are kind of pointless.  In the past, fashion and style were both regional and individual.  Now you really don’t get much of a choice on what you’re going to wear.  Sure you can pick different pieces and put them together in a way that someone else might not necessarily, but you’re still wearing the exact same crap as the next person.

Fashion and style are completely and utterly dictated.  You don’t get a choice on how you dress unless you’re very rich and can shop the stores that cost $100 and up for a plain cotton t-shirt.  Even at those stores, everything is the exact same except for in the stitching.  If you want to dress differently, you’re pretty much limited to either making your own clothes, or shopping in stores that sell things from a long, long time ago…in other words, thrift stores.

When and why did fashion get dictated to us?  It’s moronic, honestly.  On top of that, when you do manage to find a way to dress that you want, people tend to ridicule or leer because it’s different than what a bunch of single-minded fashion designers have said you should be wearing.

This begs the question of “Does it really matter?”  I mean, seriously, does it really matter what you’re wearing as long as you’re comfortable and isn’t offensive in either a racist or sexual manner?  Personally, I know that I don’t look sideways at someone who is dressed differently than what is in all of the stores.  Shows like “What NOT to Wear” are the devil.  Leave these people alone, you self righteous twats.

Posted 1/1/2011 at 11:56 AM on Xanga

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