Oh crap…politics time here… (s)

***This should be the last entry which has little to do with this site, but I am uploading for the sake of the old archive.***

Oh crap…I just fully remembered what time it is…It’s time for politics here in America and that means all the bone heads on Xanga are going to be coming out of the wood work.  I don’t mean just anyone who writes about politics, I’m talking about the ones with their head so far up their own ass they don’t know that it’s not night time any more, the sun has risen, but they want to talk about how wonderful it is there in the dark.

I know people should have a say, regardless of how wrong they are, but when these idiots start getting other idiots dick riding, it because a depression realization of how stupid this society has become.  These are the same group of people who know more about making a ham sandwich over someone’s political agendas.  Don’t get me wrong, I like a good ham sandwich, but if you know anything about a particular individual you would know why a person is being a dumb ass.

Such as…Obama isn’t giving FREE birth control pills and that isn’t a reason to like someone to begin with.  Free implies it is given in gratitude without being charged for.  Anything “free” from the government is being paid for by everyone in your taxes.  The companies making these items aren’t giving America free birth control, they are charging the government even more than they should.  Granted, they may give them $2 off compared to the insurance companies, but even that is over priced.  Yes, companies must make money, I get it and I fully support it, but use your brain.

When I see who most of these idiots writing such entries are either in high school or college, where everything is basically still given to them and their only real concern is if they can pass the next test.  Those who are not are self proclaimed “enlightened ones” who repeat shit they have read on a  blog by someone who really is educated and is given information and not opinion.  I don’t mean they repeat the political views, oh no.  I mean the ones who start going off and shouting, “Occam’s Razor! / Elliptical Argument!” without actually knowing what any of it means.  Generally, I see these people spouting things off of or even linking to Wikipedia, as though it was a source for actual information.  No, Wikipedia is a place for accepted information, not facts.  This is why it cannot be used in court or even in research papers.  Want to know facts?  Link to a real encyclopedia, and I mean a respected one.

I’m talking about both sides here.  While it always seems being a liberal means you can be a severely hypocritical bastard, there’s just the same on the other side.

Don’t worry, though, these idiots will disappear eventually.  While it won’t be soon enough, it will be about a month or two after the elections happen.  Hopefully we can get rid of the American hating jerk we have in office now and not pick up a real dip shit with a different political title.

So, really, kids, think before you post.  It’s one thing to post up satire and another to post up things only more idiots are going to agree.  Fuck this entitlement thinking.  You have to work for your shit.  Stop watching The Daily Show as your source of news.  It is not a god damn news show.  John Stewart himself has said it isn’t a place to get news and it’s only entertainment.  It’s like reading The Onion as a place to get daily events.  Why do I feel these are also the “Apple Computers are the best!!!!” sheeple, too?

Write your entries, even if political, but make sure they don’t come off sounding like your retarded high school or college love drama as most of them do.

Save Yourselves in 2012

Posted 1/28/2012 at 12:36 PM on Xanga


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