Not this shit again…Athiests vs Christians…(s)

***Once again this doesn’t really pertain to anything going on here, but I am uploading it as part of the Xanga archive***

Here we go again…

By studying hydrodymanics, one can gain quite a bit of understanding of traffic flow during rush hour and high congestion areas. One can also learn a lot about the trends of entries here on Xanga. The Xanga community, by large, has some kind of deep desire to go around in a circle with the same subjects time and time again. I don’t know what the hell everyone is smoking or eating, but no thank you, I brought my own lunch and will make sure it does not contain the products you’re partaking in.

The Xanga community has finally gotten over complaining about people who don’t post “serious” entries, only to fall back on the moronic subject of Atheists versus Christians. Almost everything on the front page and almost everything you idiots are recommending has to do with this subject. STOP IT. These trends are what bring down communities like Xanga. You go around, and around, and around, and around with the same topics, thinking you’re so clever, smart, or funny, and in reality, all you’re doing is acting the fools. You people know who you are.

Most of the entries are by Atheists and liberals, as the two seem to go hand in hand, doing what the godless seem to do best: Bitch at the majority. The Internet seems a place where you all believe your voice is the most valid. It’s not. Your voices also aren’t the loudest. Sure you might scream the most, but you’re not the loudest in the real world. You have your own following here on Xanga, but when you surround yourself with like minded fools and like minded hatred, your vision gets clouded.

Most of the counter entries are by Christians, or those who consider themselves Christians even if they are not, are doing what those people do best: Fling out parts of the Bible or something another Christian friend said and claim to be better off than everyone else. You aren’t. Most you idiots don’t even understand the Bible enough to use it as reference. Your voices might be the loudest in the real world, but most of you can barely understand, in detail, Genesis.

I’m not, however, referring to you Atheists who know how to just shut the fuck up. I’m also not talking to you Christians out there who know how to just shut the fuck up. Jesus wanted people to come to him, not force you to come to him. Jesus also didn’t want you trying to force your views. Leave that to the baby killing Muslims.

How most of you must make your entries

Here’s a news flash: Most of you writers out there are not smart, intelligent nor funny. I’ve read your entries…while some have hint of intelligence, most of them are self-righteous ego masturbation without actually trying to write that way. There are people out there, such as myself, who intentionally write in a way to either get a rise because the entry makes you question if we’re completely serious or not, but then then there’s the majority of you: Banging out an entry with monkey knuckles and mothballs on your brain. The ones who end up agreeing with your are as daft as you are. It’s like winning a trophy during the special Olympics.

So, find something else to write an entry about. This entry is only related to what’s going on, it’s not a direct response or call out to either group to “Explain Why!!!!” I don’t give a damn why.

Enough already!

To Atheists: If the Christians are wrong, so what. If you’re wrong, then you spend an eternity away from the glory of God. That’s the answer to the argument.

To Christians: If the Atheists want to bitch and hate, fuck them. Let them have their little jerk off parties. You’re off to something better.

Now both sides have the answers, so get the fuck back to writing something entertaining.

Posted 2/13/2011 at 1:7 PM on Xanga

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