Just because I don’t call you in four days (s)

Does NOT mean I’m not interested or that I don’t like you.

Hell, I could be in the god damn hospital/emergency care…which is actually what happened.

Case in study:
I randomly run into a girl at the local Best Buy.  I normally will date rather off girls.  The kind who only try to hide their crazy from your family.  You know the type.  She’s smiling to your mother, and then chasing you around with a knife as foreplay in the bedroom.  She dresses all nice, but she’s either a mortician or a grave digger.  You talk about how a cliff looks great for diving off of and a second later she’s screaming, “Great idea!” and pulling you over the edge in all of your clothes.  You know…the kind I normally like, but I’m getting older and that’s not working out so well long term.

Well, girl in question is cute, the girl next door type, seems sweet and interested.  I normally don’t have weekends off, but I knew I had a following Saturday off and was planning on going to the Renaissance Festival, so I make mention of it and she says she’d like to go, so we make it a date.

In a fun and not creepy stalker way, she sends me text messages over the next three days repeatedly.  I don’t mind because I have unlimited text for people in my same network and she calls when she has the chance to.  Well, later on Monday I get that severe food poisoning.

Over the course of the next three days I am puking my guts out as well as evacuating my bowls harder than any enema a doctor can give you.  I end up in emergency care, hooked up to IV’s in order to hydrate myself.  They couldn’t even get a blood sample due to how dehydrated I was because my vain would first collapse and then it ripped…and it hurt like a son-of-a-bitch.

During this time, what do you think that my main concern was?  Yeah, getting better and trying to keep my mother, who is on vacation in California, to relax instead of worrying about me, and finding a way to repay my grandmother and cousin for rushing me in to get taken care of.  The last thing on my mind is pounding out texts and answering my phone when I could barely remember where I was half of the time.

Finally feeling better I check my cell phone…

Oh…my…god…  I have 25 text messages and five missed calls.  All of them are from her.  The texts start off nice enough, and then slowly turn into, “Fine, ignore me and be an asshole.”  At this point I’m feeling just good enough to be walking for myself, and grateful for being able to urinate again.  I wait until I am driven home to answer the texts.  I simply answer with the truth, figuring that a female that I have known for a grand total of four hours in person doesn’t need a huge explanation of detail.

“Sorry I did not respond. Was in hospital for food poisoning.”

From the reply of her text, this was her expression when she read what I sent her:

The text she sent me was, “You don’t have to lie. If you don’t want to go out, fine, just say so.”  I was literally scratching my head because I was being honest with a woman I barely knew and didn’t owe one bit of an explanation to.  I really should have just cut off the conversation and let it be, but I became infuriated.  I told her that I spent my time in the hospital, on the verge of kidney failure due to the dehydration, and am lucky to even be up and walking at this point.  She basically accused me of just acting like “a guy” to string her along and that she wasn’t going to play those games.

Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to call her thinking that maybe, just maybe, she had me confused with someone else she was seeing.  Her answering of the phone was, well, less than pleasant.  No, I didn’t get into an argument over the phone with her, that would have been stupid.

Being that I was still in a bit of pain and trying to breath regularly, I just listened for about five seconds, after saying who it was, of her screaming that I shouldn’t screw with people, and that she would have respected me for just not contacting her again instead of playing games.

“No.  I was in emergency care.  That’s why I can’t go on Saturday, but we can do something else,” I inform her.  Well, she was not interested and began on another tirade.  So, I did what you are gifted to do when on a cell phone: I hung up.  Why would I sit there and let you berate me over the phone when I can end it?  Yeah, that’s right, I won’t.

I honestly expected her to call back to continue the screaming, but she didn’t.  No, I didn’t attempt to contact her again, I’m not dealing with that.

So, honestly woman, just because a guy doesn’t call you in four days doesn’t mean he’s being a dick.  Life happens, and just because we know you, doesn’t mean you’re on our top priority of contact when we can only lie on the floor.  Especially if we barely know you.  The relationship status takes a while to develop, so don’t go assuming that because we’ve been out a time or two…or in this time talked for a while, that we’re an item.

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