Get to know me better in this entry

Want to get to know me better? Want to know what’s making this sexiness tick? Fine! Here’s more about me!


I believe in being a huge asshole and a major dick to people I don’t know…especially the people I do know.

If I want a fat fucking cigar, I will get it whenever I feel like it.

I believe in drinking when I feel like it…and if that means binge drinking once every three months, so be it!

It’s fun as hell to troll the random people who message me on Facebook and/or MySpace. I believe this is double true when it’s over a web browser based game and they are acting like they are going to teach me some lesson.

Chicks should be vocal. I don’t mean they should talk to me a lot, I chicks should be loud moaners, screamers, and claw my back.

Hollywood and/or magazines should not tell me who is attractive! I will decide who is and is not attractive.

Rock music is fucking awesome. Every once in a while hip-hop, trance, and rap is okay. I don’t mind country music when I’m in the mood.

You should have a warrior mentality in a fight and competition. Trash talking is part of the game, but shut the fuck up once you’re done. Learn your god damn manners.

Fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping are our God given fucking right and the federal government needs to stay the fuck out of it.

God created the world and gave us the rights, not our mortal governors nor an explosion of nothingness into something. In science, you can’t have a nothing that suddenly becomes SOMETHING! You can’t have a small SOMETHING that existed without something that created it!

We aren’t at war with Muslim extremists. We are at war with Muslims who are doing exactly what their holy book and religion demands of them.

I notice things about women that people don’t check in the same order and don’t always go off of how hot someone is to decide if I want anything to do with them.

Learn to shut the fuck up, especially around me. You can say what you want, but expect consequences for your free speech.

Don’t talk three inches from me unless you want to get pushed away.

Don’t fucking touch me if I don’t know you.

Mythbusters rules your fucking face. So does Pawn Stars and Ghost Hunters. Destination Truth is awesome.

If you’re going to try and prove a point to me, you better be sure you’re intelligent enough to bring it because I will fucking eat you alive.

I love most anime.

When it was only the first generation of Pokemon, I could name all 252 Pokemon and what they evolved to and from.

I placed second in a regional Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament. The first time I entered I was beaten by a 9 year old for a semi-finalist position. I kicked his ass the second time around.

I served the military, and therefore, am better than most of you.

I am generally attracted to dangerous women…and psychos…

Some people deserve to be aborted late in life.

Blow me.

Posted 4/15/2010 at 1:23 AM on Xanga


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