Decline of the American education system (s)

Not only are people being taught that being a man is wrong and that women should be tougher like men (how much tougher can it be when men are being told to cry during TV commercials and smell pretty?), but the populace is being made stupider.  The problem is that humans have been able to develop technologies and succeed like no other creatures on Earth.  Because of this, traits and ideas not otherwise survivable have been passed on, making the species as a whole, weaker.

For instance, students in America are now getting partial credit…for wrong answers.  No, I’m not kidding.  One kid in an LA School district was given this problem to solve:

A skateboard is two feet long.  How long is the skateboard?  Show your work.

Answer: 24+24=48
Yeah, guess what?  He got partial credit.  Why?  Because at least the little reject knew to add 24 and 24 to get 48…never mind that a foot is 12 inches!
American math over the past fifty years:

1950’s –
A lumber jack cuts down lumber and sells it at market for $100.  His operating cost is 4/5 of his profit.  How much profit did he make?
1960’s –
A lumber jack cuts down lumber and sells it for $100.  If his cost is $80, how much profit does he make?
1970’s –
A lumber jack sells some lumber for $100.  If he sells it for $80, does he make a $20 profit?
1980’s –
A lumber jack sells some lumber for $100.  It cost him $80 to do so and he made a $20 profit.  Can you please underline $20?
1990’s –
A chauvinistic slime ball chops down a beautiful, pristine forest because he hates nature and is a capitalistic pig.  How do you think the animals and birds feel about all of this?  (No wrong answers, and if you need to cry, that’s okay, especially if you’re a boy.)
American Math in 2010 –
Una cortemadera y lo vende en mercado para $100. Su costo operador es 4/5 de su ganancia. ¿Cuánta ganancia hizo él?

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