Crybabies coming out of the wood work!

***This entry has very little relevance here, but I’m still transferring it over for the hell of it***

It’s come full circle and starting up again. It happens every so often before it fades away, but when it does show up, it’s like jock itch. You don’t know exactly where or why you got it. It annoys the crap out of you. It takes forever to disappear. You find the easiest way to get rid of it is to pee on your own feet in the shower.

I am, of course, talking about the cry babies on Xanga. They’re also usually the most self-righteous ass mongers found on a blogging site. I know it isn’t just on Xanga this happens, but that’s where I’m posting this, and so that’s where I’m going to be focusing on the most.

Recently a rash of self-righteous, annoying, holier-than-thou douche nozzles have begun to speak out against anyone not posting “serious” entries. That is to say, they will bash any user who posts an entry that isn’t about their stupid little high school drama.

Are you a writer on Xanga who enjoys writing entries that are generally comedic in tone? Are you a writer who makes their posts parodies? Are you someone who posts opinions that differ from them? Well, then according to these people, you are a troll and nothing more than a fad.

Of course, the complete irony of this lies in the fact that they are also a huge fad. Every so often a few writers on Xanga decide that comedic and joking writers are nothing more than trash. It’s amazing to see these people write up what amounts to three typed pages of crying about these “trolls”. Most of the people they’re referring to, or the entries they draw examples from, aren’t even anything more than jokes. A few of them are from entries designed to annoy others, but they generally aren’t very well written, so why even give some credit to them?

These same people are generally the ones screaming for tolerance and understanding amongst people as well. Also, these are generally people who aren’t all that popular on Xanga to begin with. They get one or two entries suggested a few times by some people and they go on a God complex power trip.

There are a lot of users here on Xanga who write in a manner much similar to The Onion. That is to say, the entries are just close enough to seem serious to someone not paying enough attention. Glorious, if you ask me. A master of this can make their readers scratch their head wondering if the entry is serious or not. Of course, the smart readers will always recognize the joke, but there’s not many of us out there.

All the Xanga cry babies believe that those writers are just polluting the site and will eventually die off. Well, if that’s the case, then why are they still here? The ones who are actual trolls give up after one or two entries and are easy to spot. Sure the trolls may go around trying to cause discourse, but just because someone does post a differing opinion on your blog doesn’t mean a person is a troll.

Learning to differentiate between a troll and someone who just doesn’t agree with you isn’t all that difficult, trust me. Instead of crying about everyone else, why don’t you just ignore it? You’re really the problem if you’re writing up entries about “the trolls” and trying to rally support against them. You’re doing exactly what the trolls want you to do. Stop calling attention to them. Stop being such a cry baby that they have more popular Xanga accounts than you do.

That’s really what this all boils down to: You’re not as popular so you hate. Just because you feel that someone else doesn’t deserve the status they enjoy doesn’t mean it’s up to you to be an Internet hero and try to make people see your way. Notice how I haven’t called attention to a single Xanga account or writer? Why this isn’t an ironic entry is because I’m not trying to break things down, shake them up, and get support behind any kind of made up cause. No, what I’m doing is expressing an opinion, and if people happen to agree with it, then great. If they don’t, then who the fuck cares? I have this as a public entry with notes needing no approval to be posted. Only spam will be deleted.

Okay, I will admit there is one great thing about these Xanga cry babies. And that is watching them blow up like a Muslim at a bar/bat mitzvah. Drop anything in negative response to what they are saying and instantly they pull out the flame throwers and begin their pointless attack. Many times you don’t have to post anything after your first note and they will keep referencing back to your note asking if you have anything else to say. If you don’t respond, they will eventually start posting how they beat you at your own game.

I’ve got news for the members who do that kind of thing: You aren’t beating anything. You’re only proving what a worthless sack of shit you are. If you don’t want to be criticized, don’t post it! Really, it’s just that simple. If you don’t want people calling you on something, or don’t want to hear a differing opinion, then lock the entry and don’t allow people to post notes.

Oh, but they won’t. No, these people want the few others who will dick ride and post how great the entry is. Never mind the ones pointing out how pointless the entry is or how stupid the entire thing is. After all, the negatives are just from trolls, trash, and sour-pusses.

Time to wake up, people. You’re just a fad that will burn out faster than when the trolls show up because no one gives a damn about you’re “It’s Complicated!!!!!!!” relationship entries where you post up your god damn MSN conversations or how your vacuuming isn’t as much as fun as it used to be.

Again, I won’t list names because we all know who these few people are. Thanks for stopping by, but you’re on borrowed time, cry babies.

Posted 1/7/2011 at 5:2 AM on Xanga

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