Okay, seriously…WTF is with WordPress loving negative space?! (s)

I’m serious here…WTF, WordPress?!  Just about every theme on here is made to compress the entries into this tiny middle or left aligned column, effectively creating all kinds of negative space.

Is it really so difficult to make it so the writing column expand with screen width?  Who the fucking hell uses 640×480 viewing size anymore?  This place looks great on my mobile device because the mobile version alters to fit the viewing screen.  So why, dear god, why, do all themes and posts compress everything?!  Glaring white negative space on all sides of entries SUCKS.  Even when it’s full of pictures, it SUCKS to read!  Why?  Because everything is in this little tiny middle column.  Also, why is everything on a 1.5x spacing on sentences and 2x spacing paragraphs?!  No one is going to pay $120 for a theme which makes the damn viewing size as narrow as a god damn popsicle stick!  FIX THIS BULL SHIT!

Why can’t I nest tables?  I have never, ever, every been to a blogging site before which doesn’t allow you to nest tables into your entries.  FIX THIS BULLSHIT, TOO!

Lastly, forcing comments to be moderated is pussy shit.  Where is the option to simply allow anyone to post a comment without having to “moderate” it?  That screams of facism on the author’s part.  If I could, I would allow anyone at any time to post a comment, be it something I agree with or not.


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