Words of wisdom

Well, it’s that time again, kids and kidettes!  I’m here to give you some advice.  Hell, I’m doing this for free and you’re getting it for nothing more than the time you’re spending here.  Don’t give me shit if anything backfires on you.

1. This is going to be tough.  Like, tough, plus more tough, times tough, to the power of tough.

2. I’d rather be snorting cocaine off a hooker’s ass.

3. This is elk meat, stuffed with pork, wrapped in bacon, and then flavored with bacon salt.

4. I didn’t come here to impress none of you mother fuckers.

5. Yes, my post says fuck.  It also says cunt, twat, and machine wash cold.

6. I’m a helpless romantic seeking a dirty whore.

7. Only YOU can prevent forest fires, which is great, because I have shit to do.

8. This is why we kicked China’s ass during the Revolutionary war.

9. Save gas and ride the handicapped.

10. Let’s go fight some ballerinas.

11. Hey…hey, camera guy!  Zoom in!  I’ve got a trick for you…I’m gonna throw up!<

Posted 5/25/2010 at 1:29 AM on Xanga

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