Winning isn’t everyting, except…

…it’s just the only thing which actually matters.  Let’s face it, how you play the game doesn’t really matter, especially if you are terrible and lose.  Play terribly and win means the only one who cares about how you played is YOU.

We teach people, “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but how you play the game!”  However, is this really true?  Well, I’m not really asking you, since this is my blog, I’m more asking in a rhetorical fashion.  Yes, I will be the one answering that “question”, so just hold your panties from twisting up.

I don’t remember when exactly I heard someone say this quote last, but it was on my drive to work.  Let’s face it, people remember the win and the loss, not the plays between.  Do great all football game, and one bad pass is remembered if you lost, but win and no one will care about a hundred bad passes.

What really got me thinking was all those times on Modern Warfare 2 when I would be the only person with a positive kill to death ratio for my entire team.  Most of the time I’d win the match for everyone, but there were often times when we’d still lose, regardless of the high number of kills and low number of deaths I had achieved.  Then there are the few times when we’d win the match, but I sandbagged hard.  Guess what mattered in the end?  Yeah, that’s right, the fact that I have another “W” to add to my stats and the crying of the other team.

Now, who did it matter to when we won, but I sandbagged?  Yes, that’s correct, only me.  The only person it mattered to, the only person it actually affected is me.  No one else cares because we won. The other team sure doesn’t care.  In the end the other team still lost.  No one is going to remember my score, unless they made a screen shot for their own reasons, and in that case, they still don’t care I didn’t do as well.

Now, let’s say that Person A and Person B are in a boxing match.  Now imagine that Person A is beating the holy living hell out of Person B.  Person B is giving everything they have to win, but Person A is only putting about 50% of their skill into it.  Person A ends up knocking out Person B.

Do you really think that anyone cares Person A wasn’t giving it their all?  Hell no.  What everyone will remember is the impressive beat down.  Even should Person A state they weren’t giving it everything they had, no one will care.  Most people will be amazed that they did that kind of damage with only a little bit of work on their end.

The end result is what is important, not how you got there or why.  A win is a win.  Did the other person drop out?  Well, it doesn’t matter, you won.  Sure, it might not feel good to YOU, but in the end, the record shows and history remembers you as the winner.  A warrior doesn’t care how the end result is obtained as long as it is.

Posted 2/2/2010 at 2:43 AM on Xanga

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