The trouble with tri…I mean noob

Noob [new-ub]: noun, verb, -noobing, or noobed

1. A person who is insufficient in the playing of a game, which results in terrible tactics and inconsistent game play. That noob keeps falling off the building when we try to get to the other side!

-verb(used with object), verb(used without object)
2. To act in a way in which is common to someone who is terrible at playing a game: This dude won’t stop noobing it up!  I just got noobed because he fell on me!

Ah yes…the term “noob”.  It’s been in usage for decades, and no one is exactly sure where it came from.  The problem is, the term has become completely corrupted and the definition twisted.  Why?  Because most people don’t understand what it really means.  A lot of people probably even think the definition is too archaic and not practical anymore.

Many people believe that “noob” is just a form of insult used against someone who is able to beat others with ease.  For instance, one might call a person a “noob” for only using throws in a Street Fighter match and winning, while the one who was beat attempted to pull off twenty or thirty hit combos and still lost.  Another person might call someone a noob for using the ACR in Modern Warfare 2 and getting many kills while they are trying to use a .44Mag in order to snipe across the map to be “Pro”.

The fact is, people who are noobs are the ones crying about the tactics of others and at the same time, can’t counter their tactics.  Who’s the noob?  A person camping a corner and getting 20 kills and 1 death, or the person running around and getting 8 kills and 10 deaths?  Yes, that’s right, the person camping the corner is doing more for their team than the person running around feeding the other team.

Let’s face it: A noob is someone who is new to the game and terrible, or is just terrible at the game to begin with.  I only refer to people as a noob when they keep coming at me the same way and dying.  This goes for FPS as well as fighting games.  If me doing a sweep kick and ONLY a sweep kick gets me the win, then you’re the noob for not knowing how to counter me.  There are no cheap tactics, only insufficient players.

So, come on, people!  Find something else to call someone.  If someone is a noob, then they should be easy to kill and are not a threat.  Don’t call someone a “fireball noob” or an “AK47 noob”, it only makes you look stupid.  Oh, and I don’t mean start referring to them as homosexuals or anything like that.  That’s equally as moronic.

Posted 2/10/2010 at 3:37 PM on Xanga

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