Found old war letters in my new home!

As many of you know I have been between homes and haven’t had the chance to be on lately.  Well, the good news is that I’m all settled in now.  Sure the place may be a little bit of a fixer-upper, but one of the great things about these old houses are the artifacts to be found.I’d like to share with you something important I have found.  Almost like a scene or plot from a movie, I have stumbled into a treasure trove of old letters from a soldier to his lover.  Most surprising about this finding is that it is from a war that our nation wants to forget and worse yet, deny even happened.  I never did find any replies to the letters, however.  Below are the reprints from the soldier’s letters.

My dearest love,
It has been too long since I have seen your angelic face.  The boys here are doing fine and we have grown even more protective and fonder of each other’s lives since we left boot camp.  As I sit here in the burned out fields of Vermont my mind drifts to the times we sat watching the sunsets.  These days the sunsets are sickening to me…No longer do the sunsets shine golden, but red…red as the blood on my hands.

Oh, but my beautiful golden angel, I know that some day I will come home to you!  If it weren’t for these tyrants I would be there for you now.  How innocently it all started.  How ignorant were we to think we could simply welcome them in our homes…

Enough of the negative, for you deserve only the positive.  And when I have you in my arms again, I shall give you everything I can!  We will ride on the horses!  We will visit every room of your large house!  We will cruise up and down on the beach bueallevards in your bright pink convertible!

Alas, I must go, my blue eyed beauty, for the Sergeant is calling for us to gather our arms.  Fear not, for I shall write you again!

I was awestruck at the love this soldier had for his lady back at home and envied him a little.  It was obvious, even to me, they shared something I had never experienced before in my own life and probably never would.  However, I reminded myself that I wouldn’t let some whore let me write her while at war and never get a reply.

Well, I read on.  Most of the letters were about things he missed about her and it wasn’t until quite a few letters later that I learned things were getting uglier for this unknown soldier.

My dearest,
I find it harder each day to stay within the sanity of my own mind.  The enemy grows stronger by the day, ravaging our ranks, and demoralizing us at every turn.  I know not of what will save us.  Whispers have begun to spread through the regiment of a “savior”, but I have no time for such childish speak!

I…I am sorry for losing my temper.  It is not at you, but at the situation and the enemies. I wish not to worry you, but I must tell you that the battle which raged a week ago in which I felt would be my last.  CURSE TO THESE FIENDS!  The battle raged and I kept charging up the line, my mind only on surviving through each second and helping my friends, when I ran out of ammo.  Trapped with three enemies encroaching on me, I had only my bayonet to protect my life.

The enemy drew ever closer and my hearing went deaf.  I could not hear the orders being shouted, I could not hear the gun shots…and I could not hear my own breath.  As the first reached me, I managed to strike out with the butt of my rifle, knocking my opponent backward, allowing me to stab deeply.  The second and third were deftly upon me, causing me to stagger and nearly trip backwards!  Do not fear, my love, for I was able to recover my balance and defeat them. 

It was then my hearing returned slowly and I heard the sound which haunts me to this day, and probably will for all the rest of my life… 

“Keeee…Doo-moh ay-ay kah!” 

My blood ran cold and my throat was instantly parched.  I’m not sure if I even took a breath.  Repeatedly I heard those words, almost as taunting me.  Slowly I turned, my grip tighter on my rifle, ready to strike…if I could strike…  There, not two feet from me was the furby.  Without the ability to fight it, I began to scream…I screamed as though I were a child frightened of the Boogey Man under his bed.  Oh, how you must think me a fool, but I tell you this: May you never experience the horror I have of meeting these furbies so close!

The furby must have been just as frightened by my scream of primal fear as I was, for it began to scream back at me!  The ears went straight up, it’s eyes became wide, and it’s beak like mouth stretched large enough to have devoured my entire leg in one swallow!  After about two seconds of continuous screaming, the furby’s eyes began to shake and it wobbled about on short, stubby legs.  I regained my composure enough to thrust my bayonet into it and fell to my knees, completely spent.

Oh, please, do not think ill of me.  I wish not for my writings for you be filled with the nightmares I live through as you do not need to worry of such things.  I will write again as soon as I can, my golden haired girl.

After reading that letter, I was dumb struck.  Now, I’ve served in the armed forces and have even experienced civilian law enforcement, but this was something far greater than I could comprehend.  The next letter had me frantically looking for the correspondences from the soldier, but as it turns out, he must not have had much time to write.  The following is the last letter from the soldier, and even though it is the one written in the most shell shocked hands, it is also the last he would have to write.

My most wonderful angel,
The war is over!  I am sure that by the time this letter reaches you the news will have been common knowledge.  First, I am sorry for not having the time to write you these many months.  There have been many nights of planning and strategizing.  I wasn’t allowed to speak a word of it at the time. The terrors I have bore witness to will haunt me my entire life, but no more will I have to physically experience it.  I must recount to you this incredible tale of valor, detailing this final battle.

We were ordered to attack before the sun rose that morning.  It was dark, it was damp, and the smell of fear was hanging in the air.  Each soldier, myself included, could feel the hand of the Grim Reaper on our shoulders, tapping out each second with a long, bony finger.  I heard the squawk of the radio, but didn’t catch what was said.  The next thing I heard was the rhythmic thumping of the black hawk helicopters roaring, followed by the tell-tale sound of them spitting their rockets.  Moments later I could hear the explosions of their ordinance erupting on the main stronghold of the furbies…and then the concussive blast wave reached us.

A mighty roar erupted from our throats and we made our haste filled advance on their headquarters.  Bullets ripped through the air, screams of pain on both sides filled the darkened sky.  Hearing a whistle, I looked up to see mortar rounds streaking the clear sky.  Even the stars that night seemed to weep for the loss of life bound to happen.

Keeping my sense, I looked forward once again as I advanced on the strong hold.  Just as I gained a strong momentum and followed my orders to the target, I was rocked off of my feet by an explosion.  It was just as we were told…the furbies were using kangaroos strapped with plastic explosives as moving IED’s…  How far I rolled, I can’t recall, but when I came to a stop, I found I was surrounded by an entire platoon of furbies.  As I looked up and watched the stars, a smile crossed my lips as I resigned myself to certain death and then closed my eyes.

Death, however, would not take me that night!  I heard a long and exaggerated wooshing noise.  Opening my eyes I saw the furbies that were surrounding me were now lying on the ground…cut in half.

“Get up, soldier!  Victory awaits!” a voice called to me.  Taking mighty strides, shaking the earth with each step, I saw him!  The hero that would save us all and win this war…TEDDY RUXPIN!  I must tell you that he is as every bit of glory as the stories tell!

With new energy and the understanding that I have been given a second chance, I jumped to my feet, grabbed my rife, and made charge after him.  Teddy Ruxpin carried no firearm.  Instead, he rushed forward with a ballistics shield and a large sword.  The man was hardcore to the bone…he is everything I strive to be!  Wave after wave of furby flew into the air and then crashed to the ground, never to move again.

I can’t recall how long it was after being rescued that we achieved our victory.  Standing atop of an uncountable pile of furby bodies, Teddy Ruxpin turned to us, just as the sun was arising over his head.  Placing his right arm across his chest, his hand over his heart, he raised his left arm slowly as he released his high note battle cry: “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!”

As his vibrato slowed and quieted to silence we began to cheer his praise and relished in the fact the war was now over.  The leader of the furbies was dead, their troops almost completely erradicated, and all the prisoners were being executed so this would never happen again.

Oh, my angel…my blue eyed, blond angel!  It will not be long until I hold you again.  Until then, my Malibu Barbie, I love you!

My eyes were full of tears at this point and I could not believe the love shared between the two.  I most certainly hope that when he returned home, he and his Malibu Barbie had the tea party of their dreams.  Please, lest we forget, spread the word and recommend this entry.  Do not let this soldier’s sacrifices go in vain.

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