No, I don’t feel like dating, thanks!

When will some people get it through their head I will get a girlfriend or start dating when ~I~ feel like it, if I ever do again? Oh, no! Sunrie hasn’t really been dating for quite some time! No, no, no! Sunrie hasn’t had a girlfriend in a while!

Who…cares…really? Well, granted, the ones asking when I’m going to find some “nice girl” or I’d “meet someone if” I “went out places more often.” Yes, because everyone wants to meet some tramp in a place like Coyote Ugly to take home to the family.

Most of the time my family doesn’t like the females I introduce to them anyway, so why are they some of the people bothering me about it? When I feel like I don’t care how much money I go out and spend while picking up women again, I will do it. It’s just not me to do that anymore anyway.

When I’m out and some chick wants to talk to me, then it’ll happen. I just don’t feel the desire to go out of my way to pick someone up and I probably still won’t in quite some time. If someone is really that interested in me, they’d strike up the conversation or call me.

I’m quite content riding my motorcycle when I want to, working on my comics when I want to, and if I have the time, playing up to 20 hours of video games a week. Yes, that’s a part time job at those hours, and it’s so damn worth it.

Posted 8/11/2008 at 11:45 PM on Xanga

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