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If you read a lot of my entries, a lot of them are nonsensical rants made to be humorous, but at the same time have a valid point.  It’s not hard to see what my actual point of view is by reading what is being stated instead of what is specifically typed.

The problem is, I’ve seemed to be neglecting this lately.  My days are filled with classes, work, and so much gaming that I clock a part time job doing it.  Yes, I do, shut the hell up.  I score a 132 on Mensa IQ tests, so if you think playing video games rots your brain, I’m still smarter than you are and as such, wouldn’t be too hurt with a few missing brain cells.

Speaking of being smarter than you are, when you go into a store for any reason, the person working there is smarter than you when it comes to their policies and regulations.  Also, there is no “In the Back”.  What in the world do you think is back there?  Let me clue you in to what happens when you ask someone to check “in the back”: They walk back into their break area, stand there making fun of you for about five minutes, and come out telling you that there’s nothing else in stock.

Do you know why?  Because you are the enemy.  You are a moron.  If someone tells you that everything is out on the sales floor, then guess what?  It’s all out on the sales floor.  I’ve worked retail.  Now, where I frequent the people who come in aren’t the constant lowest common denominator like at Robinson’s*May (AKA Dillards AKA Bloomingdale’s) or Macy’s, but my god…These people are morons and think they deserve something simply for being alive.

Retail Employees:
Guess what?  You don’t deserve anything for being alive.  Now, some places have personal shoppers and the employees are there to guide your fat, ungrateful ass around the store, however, not every place does and you shouldn’t expect it.

Most places have employees there to help you locate what you need and then direct you to the next place.  No, they are not there to carry your nasty clothing, they are not there to suggest what color looks best on you, and they are certainly not there to keep you happy.  Only you can make yourself happy.

My day is made when I get to see someone shut one of you idiots down.  Want to complain about a return policy?  Hey, go ahead, but while you sit there and complain, someone else is getting helped in the mean time.  Try returning something at Kohl’s sometime with tags taken off an item.  No one cares about your feelings and not every retail management is going to bend to your tantrum.  Hell, the more tantrum you put up, the easier it is for them to throw you out.

Retail Customers (in general):
Learn to shut the hell up.  The less you say, the better.  If you want to droll on and on, I’ve shut you out five words into the conversation and so has anyone else in the immediate area.  No one gives two craps if you purchased something for your grandfather and he doesn’t want it in red, so you’ve traveled fifty miles back to the store to exchange the color.  Get the hell out of the line as fast as possible so other people can get done as well.

If it’s around Christmas time, if it’s just after Christmas time, if it’s just busier than hell…if you’re in a hurry, LEAVE AND COME BACK LATER!  No one cares how much of a hurry you are in and had to wait for twenty minutes in a long line.  You know what time of year it is, you see how long the line is, and you know you don’t have a lot of time.  It’s not up to the employee to micro manage your time, it’s up to YOU to pace yourself out so you have the time to do things.

Look the hell around you!  Open your damn eyes!  More often than not you are standing directly in front of what you’re looking for: Restroom, escalator, elevator, the exit.

Watch your children.  The employees aren’t your free day care.  Enough said.

Video Games:
I love me my video games, I really do.  What I don’t like in video games is being treated like an idiot.  There’s a lot of games out there that try to make themselves seem more sophisticated and more intelligent than they are…even worse, is there are even more games out there where you’re supposed to feel smart for doing some mediocre in terms of puzzle solving.

For instance, if I learn, after one clue, where I’m supposed to go, don’t force me to play five more areas in order for the characters in the game to “figure it out”.  If someone mentions “sacred mountains” and there’s only one mountain the townspeople stay away from because they are considered holy grounds, and I know about them, then I shouldn’t have to go through fifteen more conversations for the characters to go, “I bet that it’s those holy grounds people stay away from!”  It wastes my time and pisses me off that I’m expected to be so stupid that I couldn’t have figured it out on my own before that point.

Oh, and glitchers piss me off just as much as the hackers when playing online.  If it’s not something put into the game for a specific reason, such as being able to jump and shoot or the like, and you use it, then you are exploiting the game and therefore cheating.  I am of the mind set that you should use everything in your power given to you by the game developers to win, but if it’s not something they intended, you are a pathetic piece of shit.

Everyday and more just rambling:
Really, for the most part, I just avoid most of you morons.  The places I frequent often have scattered pockets of dumb asses, but I’m generally in the benefit of not having to deal with them.  Is it really that difficult to be a regular jack off and not an idiot?

Case in point…did you know that Progressive Insurance gets calls from people asking to actually talk to “Flo” (real name Stephanie Courtney).  Not only is the character the most annoying bitch on the planet, her real name is just as likely to make you punch her in the face.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not endorsing violence against women, nor am I saying I wouldn’t ruin her with the power of my mighty crotch, I’m just saying that the character, her name, and the people who call up Progressive Insurance are morons.  They are also the ones Obama is hoping his media saturation therapy scheme will work on…and probably will.  So, Stephanie Courtney, if you’re out there reading, this isn’t against you, and, hey, call me.  We’ll get naked and stupid.

I love living in Colorado, honestly, but I can’t get directions to save someone’s life except from a cop.  Is it really so hard to understand how to tell people to turn “left” or “right”?  Why can’t Internet directions simply tell me to turn left or right from an off ramp?  I’ve had to buy a GPS for my car simply because of the bad directions you get from the Internet and people here.

There is somewhere upwards of eight gigs of music on my external hard drive and yet…there are too many times when I can’t find anything to listen to.  The stupid random button seems to select certain songs way more than others, so often times I’ll forget I have a song until it magically lands on it or I’m trying to resave it.  Meh.

Oh, saw Avatar recently, and it was in the IMax 3D, which was awesome, but that’s for another entry.

I need to finish Street Fighter vs Dragonball Z.  Just haven’t had much time.

Posted 1/2/2010 at 2:3 AM on Xanga


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