They sure don’t make men like that anymore…

That’s what I read the other day in someone’s Xanga.

Men aren’t the way we’re portrayed in Doris Day movies: Sweet, successful, kind loving, taking on all the responsibilities in the world and getting through it with minor struggle to end up “better than we were before”.  This has nothing to do with not wanting to grow up or avoid responsibility.

Now what did she mean by “responsibility”?  My best guest is finding a woman, getting married, and living “happily ever after”.  When did this become a man’s responsibility?  Great fantasy, but it’s not reality.

There’s usually a good reason why someone’s single.  Generally, it’s time to check the inside if things aren’t working with your relationships.  When it gets to the point of, “I’ve been out with so many people and it just hasn’t been working!”, it’s you and not them.  As Ron White stated, “…maybe it’s me?  I seem to be the only common factor in this equation.  Perhaps I should read a book…”

Here’s the real shocker for some people: Men were never the way they are portrayed in a Doris Day movie.  The way men act in those films, and even recent films, is and always will be a fantasy.  You’re not going to sit here and hear me say, “They don’t make women like that anymore!” if I were watching some sappy movie from back in the day.

Generally the only thing right in movies is the man working his ass off and wanting what he has or is trying to get.  Even in the older movies, woman are shown how they act in current movies.  That is to say, they base their own success and status in life on how well the man they end up with are.  Such behavior is actually encouraged with women today as well.  Oh, I can hear it now…all the fem-Nazis focusing in on this part of the entry and forgetting everything else.

Failure to read all the way through proves you are and wish to remain ignorant as possible just to complain.  Plugging your ears and shouting, “NAHANAHNAH!”, then posting will get me making fun of you in a later entry.

What happened to “men like that” one might ask?  The answer is pretty much you, women.  Now, not all of you.  There are a very slim few out there who are still worth the time, but don’t act like it, which makes you even more appealing to men.  No, what I mean is the whole feminist movement.

Ladies, men aren’t going to sit around and work as hard as you want them to when they will receive nothing in return.  Giving your love and devotion is expected, so don’t be claiming that is what you’re giving.  If you want a traditional man and relationship, then act like a traditional woman.  If you want to be treated like an equal, then act like it without expecting the special treatment which would normally be afforded to a female.

So many women these days want a guy who makes a lot of money, looks good, gets them a nice house, gets them access to the elite clubs and cliques, and then also want them to make their own lunches, their own dinners, do their own laundry, and do the yard work.  I once heard a wife tell her husband when he asked if she could get him a soda with ice, “You have two hands, get it yourself.”  I looked at him and said, “You had two hands before you were married.  What the hell did you get married for?”

Oh, is that such a shocker for me to say?  Well, you assume too much.  His wife didn’t work, she didn’t go to school, and she didn’t do the house work because “she wasn’t a maid”.  What did she do?  The common day typical that is a house wife: sit around, complain to her friends about him, complain about the house, complain about her life, and spend the money he was earning.

The amazing part of all this is nothing about that scenario is too far from the common marriage these days.  Hence the reason I’m not married.  Well, throw in the fact I would be considered a selfish bastard.  I’m not a selfish bastard at this point, however, because when you’re single there is no such thing.  I have too much fun doing what I want and when I want.

Please, everyone, stop living in your own la-la-land.  Women aren’t going to be “the sweetest thing” and men aren’t going to be a CEO who comes home early and loving every day to you.  The best way I heard it ever put was by a woman who was justifying her actions when she said, “Yeah, well, relationships is putting up with someone else’s shit and that means MINE!”  Congratulations, you’re a real winner.


Posted 7/14/2008 at 3:10 AM on Xanga

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