Game Ranger 3 Interview (s)

Here’s the interview for you all!

1. What is the story behind your latest creation?

At the end of the last Captain R: The Game Ranger, Ron was found in a trash bin by Sonic and Shadow.  The two heroes of the Sonic the Hedgehog series carried Ron into their world where they want him to fight Evil K.

Evil K has been given a lot of power by Broly to enslave worlds.  It’s now up to Ron, Sonic, and Shadow to defeat Evil K before he destroys their world.  Ron is really going to have to pull a win out of his butt!

Actually, you basically just said everything I wanted to say *laughs a little*

2. Who or what inspired you to begin your production?

Well a lot of inspiration went into this.  Of course, a lot of things from Captain N: The Game Master.  We’ve taken stuff….well, not really TAKEN stuff, we’ve used stuff we’ve seen from other Flash animations and kind of used the ideas to expand on what we have.

Certainly some things we always found amazing were Alvin-Earthworm’s “Super Marios Bros Z” and Chrono Trigger: Unglued.  During the fight with Evil K, we’ve tried to implement some of the ideas Alvin-Earthworm has done in his series.

3. How long have you been working on it and when do you expect to finish?

I’ll take this one *laughs*  We’ve been working on it for about two weeks at this point.  Wyldfyre and I have been passing the script back and forth until it was finalized.  After that, we held open auditions for various characters.  Evil K was the last character we placed.

Pretty much, we’ll be done when we’re done!

4. We keep hearing the name Evil K.  Who is Evil K?  Is it Ken, Kefka, Kano…or a “K” we haven’t thought of?

Well, you’re going to have to watch the next one and find out!  We’re not giving too much information out.  Even the voice actors really don’t know who Evil K is.  Basically, you’ll see him when you see him and it’s meant to be pretty funny.  Personally, when we first thought it up, I laughed!

Yeah, you can’t expect us to give away the biggest secret!  I won’t even say, “Yes”, to the question, just to confuse people even more *laughs*

5. Oh, you guys tease way too much.  But, back on track, do you feel this is better than your previous work?  If so, why?

I hate to say it’s better, because I oddly feel that means we weren’t good before!  *laughs a little*  I know what you mean, though, and so I’ll have to say, “Yes.”  The animation is going to run a lot more smoothly, the audio is going to be clearer, the pace is much quicker, and there’s a lot more action going on.

Additionally, we have more voice actors we’re working with.  We had nearly thirty people audition for five parts.  We weren’t expecting that, to be honest.  Well…at least I wasn’t.  We’re doing some things with the animation we hadn’t been able to do before because we couldn’t figure it out.  I’m actually really excited.

One world:  Progression.  I think we’ve progressed in many ways: As voice actors, as producers, as animators.  In the long run, I think you’ll like it.

6. Obviously this is the third episode, but do you still feel this is something original?

It’s original in the sense that it’s Captain R: The Game Ranger, and we’re not going to make it anything else.  You still have a cussing, balding, redneck of a hero.  We’re expanding on the idea and making things more professional, but it’s still going to be the same tried and true Captain R.

Of course the original idea behind it isn’t original.  However, where we’re going with it is definitely original.  I think the way we put the characters together, the way we’re making them sound, and everything just flows together.  That’s the true originality behind this project.

7. There were some obvious questions left unanswered in the last episode.  Will these be explained?

Yeah, some of them to an extent.  We can’t give you everything in just three episodes.  I think the original idea was to make this series three episodes long, but it’s progressed into something MUCH bigger.  Sunrie and myself would like to bring out the answers in the next few episodes after this, with a lot of hard work.

The way we do things, however, is with a question answered, there will be at least one more “asked”.  We’ll be explaining about why Sonic kept teasing Shadow about finding the Chaos Emerald and why Shadow was having a hard time actually locating it.  Don’t forget you find out who Evil K is!

8. So more episodes?  Excellent!  Have you learned new techniques so far making this?

Absolutely, even already.  I’ve done some animation tests and proof of concepts just to try things out, and doing just those, there were little things I learned how to do or how to do easier.

Well, of course I’m learning music left and right.  I don’t know if I’ll be composing anything for this episode like I did for the remake of the original.  As far as techniques, yeah, Sunrie has been learning a lot of things and hopefully soon I’ll be able to help him.  We do our best, damn it! *laughs*

9. So I take it you use other programs in addition to Flash.  What ones do you use?

Paintshop Pro, Vegas 6.0 Professional, Audicity, Voco Edit Pro, or whatever it’s called…  I think that’s all of them!

10. What has given you the most problems making this animation so far?

Knock on wood, we haven’t had many.  Some of the problems came with the way I was importing the sprite sheets, but I know how to correct that.

The biggest problem I think we’ll run in to is keeping the file size down and both the length and quality high enough.

11. After it is all said and done, how do you think this will measure up to the other submissions on

Being that there’s only a billion, trillion, krachillion submissions on Newgrounds, it’s hard to say.  I think it will stand out in it’s own way.  Our fans, the ones who have watched from day one, will definitely stick with it.  I think that’s what will matter in the long run.

The original, the remake, and the second episode were very well received.  I don’t see anything other than people finding this one even better and spreading the word about the series.  Captain R: The Game Ranger episodes continue to climb in score every day, so I’m sure it will do just fine.

12. Are there any final thoughts or anything else you’d like to say?

Besides watch or die? *laughs*  This episode is going to showcase a lot of what has been learned and get people cheering, I think.  We’re not trying to be Super Mario Bros Z or anything like that.  We’re being Captain R: The Game Ranger with more spit shine and polish.  So, check it out, bitches!

Yeah, watch the fucking movie!  If you haven’t seen the other episodes, go watch those.  Listen to my music, too.  It’s upon the Audio Portal.  Oh, and world peace is good….uh…yeah!

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