Flo Rida is now obsolete and pointless

While it may be old news to most of you, I’m giving a different reason as to why this song and artist is pretty much through.  There comes certain times when an artist has to sit back and understand they’ve gone from “getting out there” to “my career is over”.

Now, why am I saying Flo Rida is done?  Well, beside from the fact the song Low was and still is over played, resulting in sickening saturation, I came across a situation which made it official in another way.  You’re probably still wondering what that situation is.

A fat, white guy from Arkansas, fresh off the farm was singing “Low” in an antique store.

Sorry, but when a redneck in an antique store starts singing, “Shorty had them apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fuuuuuuuur!”, it’s time to just quit.  While the Soulja Boy dance was hip-hop’s answer to the Achy Breaky Heart, Low is rap’s answer to the Macorana.

Why was I even in an antique store?  My mother, grandmother, aunt, grandfather, and stepfather were visiting me, so I showed them around the other small towns near me.  While I would pretty much never go into an antique store, I had to humor them.  I don’t get to spend much time with my family, so I just bite my tongue and follow them around.

Anyway, how can someone even claim to have any street cred after something like this?  Flo Rida, you’re through and so is your song, for more reasons than one.

Posted 6/15/2008 at 2:51 AM on Xanga

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