Fast food workers: How hard is your job?

Seriously…why is it so difficult for people to simply do their job?  I’m not looking for people to meet my standard or any other person’s standard.  I just want them to do the standard written down for them.  Nothing more, nothing less.

The other day I broke down and decided to go to Taco Bell in a neighboring town.  Having not eaten nor slept in over 24 hours because of my work schedule, I got the idea to get myself the Bell Grande meal in order to eliminate the need to go out and get food later as well.

I pulled up and this is how it played out:

“Welcome to Taco Bell.  Would you like to try a value meal today?” -Drive-Thru

“No thank you.  I’d actually like the Bell Grande meal with a Mexican pizza, please.” -Me

“Okay, what combination on that would you like?” -DT

“I’ll do five soft tacos and five burritos with no onions, please.” -Me

“Okay, that’ll be $XX.xx at the second window.” -DT

Now, I heard the total and thought it was a little odd, but hey, I’m tired as hell at this point, starving my brains out, and I just want to get back home.  So, I pull up, pay, and when I’m given my order I notice there is no Mexican pizza.  Am I pissed?  Yes.  Do I say anything?  No.  Why?  Because it was one of those times if I had opened my mouth I would have chewed the guy and I didn’t want to open that can of worms.  I was still in a slight bit of mind set to understand when I don’t need to haul off on someone.

So, figuring that I saved some money, I get home and start to go to town on one of the burritos.  Guess what?  Yeah, there’s onions in there, too.  What…the…hell…  Seriously, what the hell?  There was no person in the restaurant dining in when I drove by, there was one car in front of me and one behind me.  It’s not like they were busy.  How do you screw up an order as simple as mine was?

Working in fast food is NOT rocket science.  Really, it takes no brain power what so ever.  The order is up on the screen and you do what it says.  There are no life or death situations, there is no worrying if your screw up is going to get someone hurt, and here are no career ending actions if you stay within the basic guidelines.

Sure there are some times when the place is slammed to the walls and mistakes can happen.  During those times I can forgive, but I do draw the line.

Posted 7/8/2008 at 6:1 PM on Xanga

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