Diablo III will melt your face off with awesome

Seriously, so everyone shut up.  I’m sick of hearing people whine about it looks like World of Warcraft.  Guess what?  It doesn’t.  It looks more like a cleaned up Warcraft III, which is just awesome.  When Diablo II came out and we never heard of a sequel, people begged.  Now that we have it, people won’t shut the hell up about their complaints.

Bright and shiny?  How about clear and colorful.  Yeah, it’s a real shame the game doesn’t only use 256 colors like the other Diablo games.  Look, get over it.  So there’s more colors on the over world.  What’s more is the fact we’ve only been shown the first level of the game!  Who says things won’t get darker and more dingy?  The world is in 3D and the player no longer has to use imagination to fill in some of the blanks.

The health orbs are a GREAT idea instead of the health bottles.  When did glowing red orbs giving your character health become less acceptable than drinking a slimy bottle which fell out of a monster’s stomach?  Now the players can finally focus on cutting through the enemies and making their way through the game instead of hording potions.  Who’s to say there won’t even be health potions?  Again, we’ve been shown a very small taste of the game.

We’ve been shown TWO CLASSSES!  SHUT UP ABOUT THEM!  Nothing is official nor finished!  If your favorite old class doesn’t come back, deal with it and learn to use another.  I want an archer style character, but such a character has yet to be released.  Does this mean there won’t be one?  If so, I’ll learn to play another character type.

In the end, Diablo III will melt your face off with how awesome it is, as long as Blizzard doesn’t listen to all the whining people.  Wait and watch for the updates.  Play the game, and then make your whining comments if you’re still not happy.

Posted 7/8/2008 at 8:19 PM on Xanga


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