Animation updates and babbling (s)

It’s getting so hard to concentrate on the final items on Captain R: Game Ranger Session 2.  There’s one scene left to do, the credits, and the bonus scene to animate…that’s really it.  Honestly…being so closed to finished is making it frustrating.  Why?  Because I can see the end, but I’m feeling every little bit of the process along the way.

In addition, I’m having a major falling out with someone I’d really rather not have a falling out with.  I’m just tired of being strung along and finding out information third party.  I’m told to remember, “Not all women are this and that way!”  REALLY hard to believe that when every one that has come along as screwed me or screwed with me in similar, yet different, ways.  This goes beyond getting your heart broken, so don’t even try bring that up.  If people think I was guarded and jaded before, there’s a whole new world of shit women are going to have to deal with now.  She thinks she’s paying for every other female in the past…well, whatever next female is going to end up “paying” for her.

Anyway, back on track with the animation.  Out of 2,870 submissions, we are currently ranked at 22 for “Most Anticipated Release”, and our last animation is currently ranked at 3.96/5.00, so I’m very excited.  It’s just that, like I said, I’m feeling the strain and burn out, plus the other shit going on…I really hate it.  I start a new job on Monday, but it’s only until 4:30PM, but I want to have this done before then.  Guess I’m not sleeping tonight…
Posted 5/5/2007 at 7:49 PM on Xanga


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