A little advice?: Decisions…decisions…

Everyone tries to say, “You know, all women aren’t the same.” To which I generally respond with the, “Oh, I know. I’m just speaking generally. I never said ALL so knock it off.” Yet, it’s getting to the point where even I’m starting to think there is no way the general can’t be THIS large.

Case in point here…female at work I know is really rather flirty. We (my small group of friends: one male, two females) didn’t know that she was married. One day I noticed she had a ring on her left hand, but she also had on other rings as well. Lately it’s just kind of a fashion thing for females to wear a few rings on each hand, so I didn’t think much of it and figured it was just that. After all, my ex-girlfriend would routinely wear multiple rings and often would wear a ring on her left ring finger when we went out.

I know what you’re probably thinking here. However, she never mentioned her husband even remotely. No, she wouldn’t even hint that she was married. Any time I, or even the others, would talk to her she would say, “My family, well my father and mother anyway,” or things like that. When asked what her plans where, “Me and my friends” or “I’m thinking of doing such and such.”

One of the females I work with knew I thought this girl was really cute, so she started asking her about her, candidly, if she was married one day by asking if she had any children. Well, of course at this point I realized that the girl was married, since I saw it was one ring in front of another ring on her left hand; not because of anything she has said. Still, over the next week she never makes mention of her husband or family outside of herself, her mother, and her father.

I even told my buddy at work that even though she’s married, I get the feeling that if I wanted to I could hit that, to which he agreed. My friend, being recently married himself, admits that he doesn’t offer up information, but he still talks about his wife during conversations, unlike this chick. So, I this past Friday I told him I’m going to try something: Ask her about her plans for the weekend and see if she mentions her husband. The chick kept showing up when we were taking our breaks on a more regular basis through out the week, so I knew she was going to end up making an appearance this time.

Sure enough, she comes out when we were on break and hangs out. We’re all talking and making jokes, and she does that flip her head to the side, laugh and wink at me when I make certain comments. Figuring now was a good enough time as any, I ask her, “So, what are your plans for the weekend?” What does she say? “Well, I’m probably just going to visit my parents, talk to my mom, woo hoo. I’m probably going to go to the Renaissance Fair, though.” I look sideways at Tim and he kind of nods, giving me the, “Yeah, she didn’t mention her husband again,” look. So, I say that I was planning on doing that as well, but not going dressed up, and she says that she likes going with her friends because they all dress up as bawdy maids and it’s fun. Hmmmm….

The topic of conversation changes a bit, and Tim says something about his wife and being married just coming up on 13 months now. She suddenly crosses her arms, her left hand tucked away, and asks, “Is it good?” Uh…excuse me? Tim tells her it is and they get along great, and then drops the, “So, how long have you been married?” Lo and behold she scrunches up quiet a bit, shoves her left hand under her armpit tightly, and says, “Oh, yeah, well…it’s kind of a strange story. It’s been about nine months or so.” She then goes into the story and I even make the comment, “I knew you were a bit of a wild child, I knew it!” She laughs and nods, and then she keeps looking at me longer than she used to even. It was like one of those high school things, if you understand what I mean.

Well, we end up going back to work and I was talking with Tim about what just happened. Admittedly, he said he was surprised at how she went about the conversations. I told him that she was going to her mother’s place to ask her if her marriage was really supposed to be the way it is, and isn’t it supposed to be different, and all that. He agreed.

I even asked my mother last night if it is just a “I’ve been married nine months” woman thing to act the way she is. Well according to her it’s not and she says the girl obviously doesn’t want to be married, shouldn’t have gotten married, and has problems because of that. A little hard for me to believe, but I’m sure she’s right.

The question I’m faced with is should I tap that and further prove to myself that all women are the way that they are or let it pass because should I ever, for whatever god awful reason, decide to get married myself hate it if someone would do that with my wife.

Honestly, I’m leaning more towards banging the chick like a screen door in a hurricane just to further prove I’m right. Then again, I’m really interested in this other girl, who’s been chasing me quite a bit, and even though we’re not in a relationship, I think I’d feel bad if I nailed some other chick…

Posted 7/15/2007 at 12:23 PM on Xanga

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