Then it’s no big loss, is it?

So my friend tells me that this chick Ashley just flipped out on him.  Being kind of the nosy buggar that I am, of course I inquired and he told me what’s up.

Basically, one of the chicks he was nailing decided that she wanted to call off the sex since they weren’t in a relationship.  Now, mind you, she did the typical chick thing of, “Oh, I don’t mind you don’t want a relationship.  I don’t want one right now either!”  Men know how common this is.  It’s one of the ways that women will chameleon themselves in order to get what they, at least think, want.

He made it very, very, very clear to her that there was no way he was going to get into a relationship.  There was absolutely no leading on.  Hell, the guy had two other chicks he was doing his thing with at the time…all of whom she knew about.  It wasn’t a secret and he wasn’t playing anyone.

Being the guy that he is, he told her that it’s fine if she wants to stop the sex and they could be friends at least.  Her response?  Another typical: Don’t message me, don’t call me, or write me because I won’t respond.  Mature, isn’t it?  He agrees to do what she wants only to have her freak out even more.  Why?  Because now it’s even more clear he doesn’t want her as a girlfriend.

If women would stop disillusioning themselves when men say, “I don’t want a relationship, all I want is to screw around!”, then things would honestly be a LOT easier on them and the guys they inevitably try to blame for their problems.

Stop trying to get into a relationship with a man when he doesn’t want one.  You’re only fooling yourself and are going to get hurt in the end.

Now, personally, had it been me, I would have just stopped talking to her then.  Aside from the fact that I’m a bit of a shallow prick, do I really need a woman as a great friend?  The answer is no.  I have enough friends I can talk to.  Honestly, I don’t need some chick to sit down and talk with her “vast, deep” understanding about things such as politics or the best new video games, especially if we aren’t having sex.  Really, I don’t need it.

It’s no big loss if a chick you had around for sex said that she doesn’t want to have sex anymore and then stops talking to you.  She wasn’t there to provide any kind of companionship outside of the bedroom, so why even wish her to stick around afterwords?
Posted 4/25/2007 at 6:23 PM on Xanga

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