Some people need to be made fun of

The average IQ runs between 90 and 110 (or slight variation depending on which scale you use).  100 is considered the absolute average.  Now…that might seem just fine, having an average IQ, but let me tell you people, it’s not just fine.

People with IQ’s running between 90 and 110 are morons.  Oh, sure they can function in society, hold a job, have a family, but dear lord are they morons where it counts.  These people generally are the biggest jerks when dining out, get a small bit of information regarding a law and believe they understand the law, and everything else in the similar.

Case in point…the sad business of the school shooting in Virginia at the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.  I’m not talking about the shooter or the people who died.  No, I’m talking about the huge raging morons posting their “ideas, opinions, and views” on the situation.

You’re about to take a look into the common person and how they think, how they hate, and how I make fun of them.

ljduranteMessage #824
04/16/07 01:50 PM They had it coming….they beat University of Illinois in Basketball this year!!!

Riiight…so let me get this straight….  30 students deserved to be murdered because the basketball team beat another basketball team from another state?  Are you for real, you douche nozzle?  Remind me the next time you find a bargain on gas compared to me so I can rape your closest female relative while I cut a pound of skin off of your back.

Greg BMessage #827
04/16/07 01:50 PM Great country.  An idiot for a President and guns at WalMart.

Considering that “idiot”, as you put it, is the only one willing to actually stand up to the racist Muslim fascists to keep your ability to say what you did, you’re the idiot.

Ah, yes, Wal*Mart is to blame!  It’s bad enough they pay their employees $10 to stand around, give them low payment health care, and is a large corporation in America…but guns?  FUCK THEM!  How DARE they allow people to get something they are allowed to purchase under the Constitution of the United States!

Guns first, truthful media next!

vonedraMessage #830
04/16/07 01:50 PM The violent music, the violent, gory movies and video games have had such an impact on the youth of this nation.  The image of death doesn’t even faze them anymore.  Those people who make the hate music, the death movies and video games should be ashamed.  They are making murderers out of some stupid, gullible young people, for money in their greedy pockets. 

Yes, it’s Id’s fault, it’s Rockstar’s fault, it’s Marylin Manson’s fault, it’s George A. Romero’s fault…  No, wait, what?  Whiskey tango foxtrot, over!

Hate music?  Oh, you mean the super popular white supremacist music that’s running rampant all over the radio, right?  No, wait…that’s right, that doesn’t exist, even on satellite radio.  Something tells me if someone IS making hate music, they really don’t give a shit how many people die of a specific sect.

Death movies?  Oh, you mean the snuff films shown all over the cinemas.  FUCK!  Again…I forgot, that doesn’t exist!  All movies made here are make believe and not real.  The ones based on a true story are heavily dramatized and usually show how bad someone had it.

Video games?  Yeah, fucking Atari making games like Pong and Neverwinter Nights…  They are to blame for the violence caused by ANYONE who’s played a video game.  I mean, look how many mass murders have been caused at the Electronic Entertainment Expo EVERY YEAR!!!!  The carnage IS HORRIBLE!  These gaming geeks kill TOO MANY CHILDREN! …wait…that doesn’t happen…damn!

You’re living in your own la-la-land!

ricciMessage #861
04/16/07 01:51 PM Yawnnnnnnn… Hmm guy goes crazy kills 30+ people on a USA campus. Next story please, I’ve heard this one before. ZZzzzzzzzzz… death… murder… usa.. senseless… .. mumble.. mumble.. zzzzzz wake me when something truly positive happens ….  yawn… who hasnt heard this story before.. the better story was the one about the woman who killed her child because she used it to hit her boyfriend. NOT thats a crazy story.. dude shoots up school?? BORING…… deny that this is NEW in this country? We do this stuff every other day.. LOL

Where to start on this one…  Okay, so the murder of 30 people shouldn’t be news because…you don’t like that kind of story?

You ask who hasn’t heard this story before?  Well, I certainly haven’t heard this story before where 30 students at Virginia Tech were gunned down.  A “better” story is a woman who killed her children because her boyfriend was abusive?

Wow…WOW, you are a psycho path who will no doubt end up on the front page of the paper after murdering his own mother, raping his father, and then banging a goat.  Now THAT will be news, am I right?

srq2007Message #879
04/16/07 01:51 PM MENTAL ILLNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MENTAL ILLNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS WHAT KILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STOP ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU MAY FEEL HOPELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THESE ARE THE KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Say WHAT?!  I know there’s a warning in there, but I’m guessing you are pretty much warning us against YOU.  Danger, Will Robinson, danger!!!

TN 37901Message #935
04/16/07 01:53 PM only a person full of the devil would do this…read the New Testament.

Yes, because no one could possibly have a serious mental illness and commit this crime.  Nope, the DEVIL made the person do it, people.  All evil deeds are only the devil, I guess?

ANONMessage #942
Eauropeans have lower murder rates because they do not have as many crazy liberals running around with weapons.

*BUSTS up laughing*  Give me a second *wipes away a tear from laughing so hard*  HAHAHAHAHAH!!!  Welcome to the Internet, everyone…just in case I didn’t do it earlier or no one else has told you so.

The fact is, “Eauropeans” have a higher violent crime rate (home invasion, rape, murder, car jacking) because of the lack of personal protection they are allowed.  Matter of fact, England doesn’t report anything as a crime that happens within the home as anything other than domestic in order to doctor the numbers.

Now…”crazy liberals running around with weapons”?  In America, the liberals want to disarm everyone, including the cops, so they would be, in theory at least, the last people to be “running around with weapons”.

Someone has their head so far up their ass, they’re looking out their neck again.

HouseofchloesMessage #1087
04/16/07 01:57 PM Ok People, there are more important matters at hand such as why prince william broke up with Kate.  Few people died, big deal.

Lord knows that’s what I want to know…Why did “prince william” break up with Kate!?  I mean, that bastard!  He should have kept dating her and married her!

THESE are the important issues of the world, people!  Who’s dating who?  Why are they breaking up?!  Who’s to blame for the relationship ending!?!!!!!  Is LaKisha going to win American Idol!?!!!!!!!!!!!!?

JOHNNY NYCMessage #1124

Uh huh…because all of life’s problems and the people causing them can be solved by getting people to have sex.  I mean, if only we’d taken that resolve in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, and with the racist fascist Muslims, things would be okay!

Honestly…maybe YOU should get laid instead of making retarded posts about the event.

04/16/07 02:07 PM Obviously this shooter had family problems. Which means that its another case of bad parenting. If this kid was loved and cared for in the proper way their is no way this kid would have done this. I have two young children and am considering getting out of this materialistic country. This kids parents need to be held accountable for what he did. Sure I don’t all of the details but I bet my guess is probably right on. Looser parents out their, do your job and those of you that don’t want to be parents, don’t have kids because you can’t even take care of yourself.

O…M…F…G…  Okay, yes, some parents aren’t great and should never be parents.  HOWEVER(!), it is not always the parents’ fault.  This person decided, themselves, to do this, their parents did not.  How about this…his mother was great, his father was great…he’s just a fuck up!

But, yes, damn those “looser” parents!  They need to tighten up instead of being so damn loose!  If we had more “Tight Parents”, there would be crime no more, forever *lights a candle*

I’m sure there are lots more…no, I KNOW there are lots more, but come on…  I don’t have time to go through all of the posts nor the patience.

Just for the few morons who are going to ask…my background?  Lower middle moved to upper middle class through my life, worked both manual labor and white collar, run a family business with both my Father and brother, college education (Dean’s list for two years straight), participated in the Police Explorers in high school, was Military Police in the Army, and I am starting the P.O.S.T. police academy in my state in August.  Official IQ testing rated at 134.

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