So…April Fool’s Day…

Argh, so, April Fool’s Day…  Normally I love this day and get people good.

While I can boast the first prank of the day, a damn good one at that, I cannot claim the best one…sadly.  I may of had my bestfriend going for twenty five minutes with the help of a little angel, he completely twisted it around and had me/us freaking out for HOURS on end.

All day long I kept checking MySpace to see if I was getting messages, watching my phone, trying to call the person who was “freaking out”, trying to call my brother, but getting no answers.  All I could think was that since he (best friend) didn’t get to say, “APRIL FOOLS!” to Mike hell was going to uproot and land on Earth.  Since Mike didn’t know it was a joke, he was going to call Matt.  When Matt would hear about it, be it from Mike or from his voice mail, my father was going to hear it and freak out because Matt would have told him.  Now, I may be 26 years old, but when my father starts panicking or freaking out over something, I still can’t find a good way to get him to understand.  Had my father heard what the joke was not realizing it was a joke, it would have been a week to convince him that 99% about it is a joke.

Not fifteen minutes before midnight my time does Don finally let me know that this entire time…he and Mike were using the prank from 3AM that morning played on him, against us…  Holy fucking hell, I can’t believe I/we fell for it…at the same time…

The only thing left now is to start planning a payback for next April first and get them plus many others at the exact same time.  Hell, at least we were able to pull that prank on quite a few people.  *laughs a bit* With a lot of recurring themes in what they had to say about it.
Posted 4/2/2007 at 8:10 PM on Xanga


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