Game Ranger 2 almost done! (s)

Well, it’s almost done and should be finished within a week or so.  Here’s a quick “interview” about the next installment.


What is the story behind your latest creation?
After running away from an army of evil minions, Ron uses a Mushroom Kingdom pipe in order to escape. What new horrors will he face next? Who is friend and who is foe in these gaming worlds?

Who or what inspired you to begin your production?
The original Captain N: The Game Master of course was the original inspiration for this parody. However, there are many people who have provided inspiration during development. Most noteworthy is Macaroni-Penguin (DucktaleZ 3), Alvin-Earthworm (Super Mario Bros Z series), TLF (8bit Theatre), Cryokenetic/Clovis Dye (Chrono Trigger Unglued), Image Nation Animation (Harry Poter/DBZ) and Mithrandir (Yugioh Yugi series).

How long have you been working on it, and when do you expect to finish?
Technically, this has been a two year project, but as far as finally able to get down and do some hard work on it, three months! After several problems including, but not limited to, three hard drive crashes and loss of access to one of our voice actors, we were finally able to redo the entire session from the ground up.

Do you feel that this is better than your previous work? If so, why?
This is lightyears beyond the original. We’ve learned so much from doing things here and there, even from doing the Phoenix Wrong submissions, that we were able to build an animation worth watching repeatedly. The camera changes are better, the voicing is better, and the quality of sprites has improved.

Do you feel that this is something original? What have you done to make your creation different?
While the base of it all might not be original, the series most certainly is. How many other sprite animations do you know of that has a cussing, balding, low IQ, white trash hero who was told to do a quest, but given but a name?

What has given you the most difficulty during the development process of your new creation?
The loss of the file on three seperate occasions, as well as the loss of a voice actor, has hindered us so very much. In addtion, the animation must be split in two parts because of Flash screwing up, but at least it doesn’t affect the overall submission.

Have you learned new techniques from making this, and do you plan to use them in the future?
We have learned quite a bit from this and will impliment some of the things in future episodes in order to make even more epic scenes, like fights.

Besides Flash, did you pull any other programs into the mix to deliver your desired effect?
There is a mixture of Flash and .MPG files in order to attain some of the looks in the introduction when the movie is viewed in the final production.

How do you feel this creation will measure up to other submissions on Newgrounds?
Considering that our last episode was greatly recieved, there is no question in our mind that this one will do as good, if not even better than the last.

Any final thoughts or anything else you would like to say?
Have we crossed the line at one point? I guess that’s up to the viewers to decide. I’m not going to ruin it, but there will be a disclaimer before people view it!

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Screenshot 4

Screenshot 5

Screenshot 6
Posted 4/4/2007 at 11:6 PM on Xanga


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